A&V Now North-American Distributor

for Xeikon Digital Presses

Anderson & Vreeland, Inc. and Xeikon America, Inc. jointly announced that the companies have entered into a definitive agreement under which Anderson & Vreeland will sell the Xeikon line of dry toner and inkjet-based digital label presses in the United States and Canada.

The move, which was announced at the TLMI annual meeting, exponentially increases Xeikon’s sales strength in North America.

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As market dynamics continue to evolve, label converters are challenged to meet their customers’ evolving requirements. They need to find the right print production manufacturing process for this changing market,” said David Wilkins, vice president, Sales, Xeikon America, Inc. “Anderson & Vreeland is a trusted advisor to the industry, providing label shops with inks, flexo plates, plate imagers and plate processors. They’re uniquely positioned to engage in such conversations, which now include Xeikon digital printing. This partnership has enormous potential for both our companies and, ultimately, our customers.

A&V will begin offering Xeikon digital press solutions in early 2020 while the current Xeikon sales managers maintain their territory and account base. For each prospective customer, A&V will work in partnership with Xeikon’s regional sales managers to assemble the optimal configuration, and to assist in contract negotiation, ordering and installation. Xeikon will provide maintenance services and consumables for the digital presses after the sale is complete.

We’ve seen a steadily increasing interest in digital label and packaging production among our customer base,” said Dave Miller, director, Digital Business Solutions, Anderson & Vreeland, “and the quality of Xeikon meets their high standards. We have chosen to work with Xeikon because they have the broadest portfolio in the digital label space covering both UV inkjet and dry toner technologies, converting equipment, consumables, embellishment and workflow software.

This partnership allows us to customize a solution to best serve their business rather than buying off-the-shelf solutions. For example, UV inkjet technology cannot print on natural paper for wine and spirits labels; this is where dry toner excels. Conversely, where UV inkjet provides the most durable solution for labels; toner may require additional steps, for example, lamination or UV varnish for durability. Xeikon’s 30+ year, solid reputable experience within the digital space, brings a wealth of knowledge and credibility on growing revenue and achieving a profitable digital operation.

We’re proud to add Xeikon presses to the portfolio of solutions we offer which includes being the Flint Group’s North American distributor, for Xeikon ThermoFlexX, Printing Plates and Rotec Sleeves,” said Miller.

This relationship further deepens the relationship between Anderson & Vreeland & Flint Group, which benefits our clients and the industry“, said Darin Lyon, President of Anderson & Vreeland.

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