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Anderson & Vreeland is a privately-held company with over 50 years experience providing unrivaled customer service to the flexographic printing industry.

Anderson & Vreeland provides flexographic printers with innovative solutions that are tailored to their specific application.

We identify the most effective & advanced technologies in our portfolio, educating our customers on how these products will improve their bottom line, and seamelessly integrate these solutions into our clients’ business.

Flexo University

Flexo University

Flexo University

The Flexo Industry’s News Resource brought to you by Anderson & Vreeland.

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Flexo Daily

Flexo Daily

All the news from the Flexo Industry

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Flexo TV

Flexo TV


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Flexo Daily

We are all Brand Guardians

We are all familiar with brands. We have many that we love and trust. Think of any company you like—to name a few; there’s Coca Cola, Nike, Frosted Flakes, and Tide. With this in mind, let’s think about the flexo industry, an industry that Anderson & Vreeland supports in all...
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Sticky-back Productivity

Sticky-back, that all but invisible consumable of flexographic printing, may seem ubiquitous but there’s more to this material than is immediately apparent. As with so many things in life and...
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