Compelling results and increased productivity

The printing industry has altered drastically as a result of digitalization. Customers and printed product producers know that increased profits are only possible through fewer errors and less wastage.

GMG helps to improve productivity in the graphic arts sector, with its innovative range of color management products for digital and conventional printing. With surprises eliminated and productivity increased, everybody involved in the process will benefit.

GMG ColorProof

GMG OpenColor

GMG ColorPlugin

GMG ColorServer

GMG FlexoProof

GMG DotProof

The proofing solution for professionals

GMG ColorProof

For years, GMG ColorProof has been the preferred solution for industry leaders when it comes to efficient and safe contract proofing

GMG ColorProof represents uncompromising color fidelity. It is also compliant with globally accepted printing standards (such as ISO Offset, PSO, GRACoL and SWOP), and its reliability and remarkable performance make it the indispensable tool among leading color management experts.

GMG ColorProof
GMG ColorProof


Plug and Proof – safe and efficient without specialist knowledge

GMG ColorProof comes pre-loaded with color profiles of all common standards, so you can get started right away. Select the printer, calibrate it, and you are ready to print the first proof in just a few seconds.

GMG ProofControl – your quality supervisor

To guarantee quality control, a proof label and control strip is recommended with any proof. This way, information about its color accuracy is always available. This can be fully automated for printers with an integrated measuring device: important for everyday consistent reproduction and vital for legally-binding contract proofs.

GMG ColorProof


Reliable as usual, more powerful than ever

It is the perfect integration of proof printing with our exclusive portfolio of GMG proofing media that makes GMG ColorProof a superior system. We ensure incredibly accurate simulations of what will actually be printed.

GMG ColorProof
GMG ColorProof


Essential benefits at a glance

  • Plug and Proof system with pre-installed, tested color profiles for all relevant printing standards
  • Calibration concept for the highest stability and consistency – calibrate once, meet all standards
  • Outstanding spot color simulation and support for expanded color spaces
  • Reliable color management through internal validation of the selected parameters
  • Integrated Raster Image Processor with the latest Adobe Print Engine Technology
  • Built-in quality control features and support for various measurement devices
  • Hot folder technology for increased automation and connection to other systems
  • Load balancing and nesting for maximum productivity and less wastage
  • Remote proofing via FTP, WebClient or the integrated GMG CoZone connection

Most accurate color separations for proof & print: GMG OpenColor

GMG OpenColor

Specifically designed to meet the needs of the packaging industry, GMG OpenColor makes sure CMYK and spot colors print exactly the way you want them to

GMG OpenColorGMG’s patented OpenColor technology is unique. It enables accurate proof simulation of the overprinting effects of spot colors using special multichannel profiles.

The spectral data calculation includes printing technologies, media types and printing order and its results are so reliable that profile iterations are no longer necessary.

Profiles can now be created without a test chart

GMG OpenColor 2.1 now offers a measurement capability for custom patches. Whereas previously customers would require a specific test chart to create a color profile, GMG OpenColor 2.1 enables the measurement of full-tone patches from a print control strip, or even solid patches and tint patches on the running printed sheet and to create a profile from the captured spectral data, something no other profiling tool can achieve.

GMG OpenColor

A complete printing press simulator – even if only CMYK is printed

Do you need to change the color sequence in an order? Has the density changed, or the substrate? GMG OpenColor immediately calculates a new profile. Instead of printing on the machine again and again, the result of changed conditions can now be predicted accurately and with minimal expenditure.

Continuous or halftone proof? GMG OpenColor means open possibilities

Apart from checking the color accuracy, GMG OpenColor also makes sure moiré, incorrect trapping settings and other defects will not become the showstopper of the upcoming production run. Easily create halftone profiles for the colors you need, be it CMYK or spot colors, and print high-end halftone proofs in GMG DotProof and FlexoProof that predict the press result with dot-for-dot precision, including the screen rulings, angles, dot shape and dot gain.

GMG OpenColor
Less is more: Mini-Strip or custom strips instead of big test charts
As an intelligent multichannel profiler, GMG OpenColor doesn't need large-scale test charts. It's enough to measure full-tone patches from any print control strip.
GMG OpenColor
Accurate spot color simulation
GMG OpenColor calculates proof or separation profiles based on the spectral color information of the printing inks and the print specific process parameters.
GMG OpenColor
Color consistency with GMG OpenColor: From retouching to proof to print.
A few clicks will generate a matching separation profile for use in GMG ColorPlugin in Adobe Photoshop or in our color conversion solution GMG ColorServer.
GMG OpenColor
Precise prediction of overprinting effects
The combination of GMG OpenColor and GMG ColorProof ensures highly accurate proofing with spot colors, bridging the gap between contract proof and what actually happens on press.

Consistent colors throughout the prepress process

calculating proof and separation profiles from the same data, GMG OpenColor delivers reliable and consistent color quality. For example, when adapting FOGRA39 data to your specific printing condition and substrate. The resulting quality and precision is astonishing, even for experienced experts, describing GMG OpenColor as “the most incredible tool of the last 20 years”.

The separation profiles created in OpenColor can be applied in GMG ColorServer, our color conversion solution, so that neutral gray areas, harmonious gradients, and in fact all of the benefits of the MX DeviceLink technology can easily be exploited for any printing process, color combination, and substrate. GMG ColorPlugin, the ingenious plugin for Adobe Photoshop, provides another means of leveraging GMG OpenColor separation profiles, e.g. by replacing CMYK channels with spot color channels via a direct connection to GMG OpenColor.

GMG OpenColor

Essential benefits at a glance

  • Significant time savings in prepress thanks to quick profile creation
  • Profiling without a specific chart, which means no separate fingerprint and less paper waste
  • One characterization, two outputs:
    proof & separation profile in one go
  • Customizable spot color databases: easy creation of custom spot color libraries
  • The same colors across the supply chain

Use GMG color management directly in Adobe Photoshop: GMG ColorPlugin

gmg ColorPlugin

Manual color adjustments and tricky workarounds become superfluous

GMG ColorPlugin allows enormous time savings in the pre-press stage. The powerful tool delivers precise conversions, efficient ink reductions and flexible separations – now also in Multicolor color spaces. All with class-leading quality and with a color-accurate preview of the result.

gmg ColorPlugin

Multicolor separation with ChannelExtender

With the ChannelExtender variant separations from RGB into multicolor spaces can be created with up to seven colors – based on separation profiles from GMG OpenColor.

Image data can be adapted to the multicolor printing process in use. The final result can be directly simulated on each processing level by a preview.

The ColorBoost Feature allows more saturated and more vivid images.

gmg ColorPlugin

Flexography-friendly: MinDot Preview and MinDot Adjust

In MinDot Preview problem areas for flexography printing can be localized in the highlights. MinDot Adjust optimizes the print data on the basis of the tonal-threshold values of the print process used.

In addition, the function can now also be used for spot colors and hidden or locked layers.

gmg ColorPlugin

ChannelChanger and ChannelRemover

With ChannelChanger and ChannelRemover individual channels can be exchanged or removed entirely or selectively. The automatic compensation by remaining channels ensures color consistency when doing so. In this way both complete images and individual selections or layers can be adapted to target color spaces and print processes.

Color consistency in color conversion

ColorConversion uses GMG’s superior MX technology for color-accurate conversion between a range of color spaces. In the pro version, self-created profiles can also be included alongside standard color spaces.

GMG OpenColor Preview offers a color accurate preview of the final results.

GMG ColorPlugin is available in these versions:

  1. GMG ColorPlugin Standard:
  2. Apply the benefits of GMG supplied MX profiles directly to images within Photoshop.

  3. GMG ColorPlugin Pro:
  4. Individual standards based on own profiles from GMG ProfileEditor, GMG OpenColor and ink optimization possible.

  5. GMG ColorPlugin Packaging:
  6. ChannelExtender, ChannelChanger, ChannelRemover, MinDot Preview, MinDot Adjust.

Essential benefits at a glance

  • Separation from RGB to Multicolor up to 7C
  • ColorBoost for saturated and vivid images
  • MinDot Adjust and MinDot Preview also for spot colors
  • Flexible tools for automating the most often used process steps
  • Processing of complete subjects, individual selections or layers
  • Color-accurate conversions

Consistent colors the easy way:
GMG ColorServer

GMG ColorServer

Instantly ready-to-press

Whether you’re a print shop or prepress company, GMG ColorServer is the go-to solution to make image data instantly press-ready: RGB, CMYK and mixed image data can be automatically converted into one output color space – be it industry or in-house standards.

GMG ColorServer yields consistent print results across all printing processes and substrates. Its hotfolder-based automation speeds your process up, making manual conversion of multiple files obsolete.

GMG ColorServer

Best-in-class conversion with GMG MX technology and the Paper Adaption Tool

GMG ColorServer is based on GMG MX technology, providing reproducible results in high-end quality. CMYK-to-CMYK conversions are performed whilst preserving the black channel’s integrity. This way print data can optimally be transferred from one printing standard to another.

Thanks to GMG ColorServer’s CMYK re-separation, data can be standardized in terms of color composition, and the RGB-to-CMYK conversion achieves smoother separations than an ICC workflow could do. Spot colors can accurately be converted to process colors, using the maximum gamut of the CMYK color space.

The Paper Adaptation Tool guarantees close visual matches to printing conditions or standards adapting the color output space to the production paper.

In addition, GMG ColorServer allows the use of 4-color separation profiles that have been generated in GMG OpenColor.

GMG ColorServer

Automatic processing for every printing process

Color consistency using industry or in-house standards

GMG ColorServer

Maximum efficiency

Dynamic hotfolders and a template-based concept

GMG ColorServer

Maximum clarity

Job Manager with powerful track and search functionality

GMG ColorServer

Client-server architecture

Load balancing for high performance and fail-safe processing,
plus various ways for a seamless integration in your preferred third-party workflow

GMG ColorServer

GMG SmartProfiler: high-end quality, easy to use

The optional GMG SmartProfiler extends GMG ColorServer 5.0 with profiling functionality. Thanks to the step-by-step structure, any user can calibrate, recalibrate and profile digital and large format printing systems without expertise in color management.

Essential benefits at a glance

  • High-end conversion with GMG MX technology and the Paper Adaptation Tool
  • Efficient process automatization with dynamic hotfolders
  • High throughput and fail-safe processing with client-server-architecture
  • Direct workflow integration in third-party systems
  • Accurate spot color conversion, all current spot color libraries integrated
  • Adobe® PDF Library based PDF engine for best results converting transparent and overprinting elements
  • Optional fully integrated SmartProfiler with calibration and proofing functionality – easy to use

As unique as the packaging industry itself: GMG FlexoProof

GMG FlexoProof

Proof even challenging color and material combinations

Contrary to largely standardized offset printing, the variety of substrates in Flexo print alone is a challenge for most proofing systems. Add in a large number of spot colors and most proofing solutions become ineffective. GMG FlexoProof, however, has for a long time been comfortable working in these unique circumstances.

For instance, GMG FlexoProof lets users create individual substrate structures such as paper fibers, embossed structures or corrugated board for proof output. Even unfavorable conditions such as printing on inferior quality paper can be simulated with the help of a signal noise.

GMG FlexoProof
GMG FlexoProof

Support for all standard spot color systems

GMG FlexoProof has HKS and the Pantone®-Library pre-loaded as standards. All available spot colors are stored in a central color database and can be added to by user at any time. All spot colors can be entered and measured automatically in any gradation, and GMG FlexoProof controls up to 64 separations in one image.

Overprinting spot colors are calculated using a special algorithm and printed accurately by taking the substrate into account. In this way, even Duplex effects or color models like Hexachrome® can be reliably calculated and simulated.

Color opacity and sequencing can also be user-defined. White under-printing – indispensable in the packaging market – can also be defined as a separate color.

With the optional XG module, you can also take advantage of the latest multicolor printer series from Epson Stylus Pro x900 and HP Designjet Z3200. These printers have an extended color space, allowing substantially more spot colors to be accurately simulated in a halftone proof. Previously, this was only possible with very expensive and slow thermal halftone proofing systems.

Essential benefits at a glance

  • Color accurate halftone proofs with simulation of the substrate structures
  • Simulation of press misregistration and missing dots in gravure
  • Easy integration through direct processing of the original imagesetter data
  • Extensive spot color functions and proofing with extended color spaces
  • Substrate texture simulation

The digital halftone proof that’s much more than a contract proof

GMG DotProof

GMG DotProof creates color-accurate halftone proofs to contract proof quality

If they are caused by unfavorable screen angles or incorrect trapping and overprinting settings, many unsightly printing results can only be detected and avoided in time with a halftone proof.

That halftone proof must be created with the original 1-bit imagesetter data. GMG DotProof predicts exactly what will happen during plate exposure and what will happen on the printing press. At the same time, screen angles, screen ruling and dot shape are fully preserved. GMG DotProof delivers absolute color accuracy with full data integrity.

GMG DotProof

GMG DotProofGMG DotProof is also indispensable in printing processes using coarse screening, due to the real visual impression being significantly influenced by the screen ruling. Without color-accurate halftone proofing, a reliable prediction of the printing results is impossible.

A greater color range with extended color spaces

A far greater number of spot colors can be simulated with brilliant quality in a halftone proof. The GMG DotProof XG (Extended Gamut) module lets users take full advantage of the expanded color gamut of the Epson Stylus Pro x900 and HP Designjet Z3200 printers.

Essential benefits at a glance

  • Color-accurate halftone proofs in verifiable contract proof quality
  • Simple integration through direct processing of the original imagesetter data
  • Extensive spot color functionality and XG proofing
  • Quality control via control strips and proof label
  • Production reliability and cost savings through early detection of potential printing problems
  • Fail-proof color management by internal validation of the selected parameters
  • Location independent remote proofing via FTP, WebClient or the integrated GMG CoZone connection
  • Integrated raster image processor with the latest Adobe Print Engine Technology
  • Load balancing and nesting for maximum productivity and minimal waste