Where Science Meets Craft

3M LogoWe don’t have to tell you that the Flexo community is a group of passionate, dedicated workers who proudly identify with their trade. Expertise that resides not only in their minds, but in their well-worn hands – in a word they are…Craftspeople.

And, as every craftsperson knows, the materials can either make or break the project. So if they don’t have the best tools, how can they be required to exceed expectations?

That’s why they invest in materials that not only improve their job but have added benefits to the company: labor efficiency, cost-savings, and more.

And the demands have never been greater:

  • Pressure to reduce costs
  • Increasing output without sacrificing print quality
  • Expectation to go above-and-beyond with customer service

That’s where 3M can come in to partner to drive results.  Its tapes provide outstanding quality from every angle with the 3M Print Quality Advantage.  In summary, they are:

  1. OPTIMAL: with the industry’s largest range of tape densities
  2. CONSISTENT: with one of the industry’s tightest caliper tolerances, and 3M™ Comply™ Air Release technology, delivering predictable print results
  3. PRODUCTIVE: with industry-leading productivity-enhancing adhesives

When we put all this together, it melds the best of both worlds: Where Science Meets Craft.

3M's Portfolio

3M Pro Series 

3M™ Cushion-Mount™ Pro-Series Plate Mounting Tape

Easy On and Easy Off – Demounting with Better Results Introducing 3M Cushion-Mount Pro-Series Plate Mounting Tape with 3M Comply...
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3M Corrugated Tapes

You are challenged to make products and processes better. 3M have the science to help. Borrow from one technology, such...
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3M 8387 

3M™ Splittable Flying Splice Tape 8387

8387 is a 7 mil double coated film tape that separates into two single sided tapes High performance adhesive designed...
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3M L series 

3M Cushion-Mount Plus Plate Mounting Tapes, L-Series

As customers demand higher print quality, you want to ensure that your plates are performing at their peak. 3M understands...
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3M-Matic™ Case Sealers

Improve throughput and reduce packaging costs with 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers 3M-Matic™ Case Sealers provide economic automation for carton sealing. A...
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Edge Sealing 

3M Plate Edge Sealing

3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Hot Melt Bonding Systems Easily apply 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Hot Melt Adhesives 3762LM, 3776LM, 3792LM, or 3798LM with a 3M™ Scotch-Weld™...
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Packaging Tapes 

3M Light Duty Tapes

3M Light Duty Tapes Multi-purpose film tapes for reliable, consistent performance in a variety of attaching, holding, and sealing applications, such...
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Tape Dispensers 

3M Tape Dispensers

Dispensers available for 3M tapes are application-designed to meet the needs of the customer. Wide range includes manual hand-held, bench...
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3M helps manufacturers use less, while accomplishing more. Across the globe, 3M helps companies and individuals succeed everyday, while contributing to true global sustainable developments, including environmental protection, corporate social responsibility and economic progress. 3M applies science to make a real impact in every person’s life around the world.

More than a century ago, 3M started as a small-scale mining venture in Northern Minnesota. Now a global powerhouse, 3M’s products improve the daily lives of people around the world with corporate operations in 70 countries and sales in 200. 3M is committed to creating the technology and products that advance every company, enhance every home and improve every life.