Kühnast UV-Meters

Kuhnast UV Meter

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Kuhnast UV Meter

  • Equipments for simple intensity and control measurement of UV light.
  • All types for the special UV ranges are based on the same base of construction and to differentiate in the spectral sensitivity of their measuring heads.
  • All measurements are expressed in mW/cm2 in order to compare light sources or to check the evenness of the light emission.
  • Ideal application fields are the control of units for the exposuring of diazo, polymer, cromalin and daylight handling films in the graphic arts industry, suntan equipments, solarium, sterilization units and other fields of photobiology.


  • measuring light emissions of light sources effecting work
  • comparative measurement of other measuring points, e.g. in order to locate lighting fluctuations on large copies
  • comparative measurement of light sources to compare the light emission of new lamps to existing values
  • Equipment: 2 switch steps mW/cm2 (not UV-A-Meter mini), four-figure digital display, diode with spectral filter, 9 V battery