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Flint nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processor

Smart design with an enhanced user interface. The distinctive characteristics of the processor provide unprecedented control and allow for more consistent and stable plate production encompassing “Thermal like you’ve never seen before.”

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Provident Press-Room Solutions Part 2 – Changing Blades with Less Mess

Andy Gillis and Randy Carter of Provident explain the tips and tricks for changing blades with less mess, live on...
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Provident Press-Room Solutions Part 1 – Doctor Blades & End Seals Overview

Andy Gillis and Randy Carter of Provident explain the different types of doctor blades and end seals live on site...
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Flint nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processing System Presentation

Peter J. Fronczkiewicz, North American Product Manager for Flint Group presenting the new Flint Nyloflex xpress Thermal Plate Processing system...
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Alpine Packaging on the Purchase of the 50th Screen Truepress Jet L350UV

The label engineers and designers at Alpine Packaging have relied on conventional printing technologies for some 44 years. But now,...
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Live From Label Expo Americas 2016

Follow Anderson & Vreeland on the first day of Label Expo 2016 and discover the equipment and technologies featured in...
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Flint nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processing System Overview

Smart design with an enhanced user interface. The distinctive characteristics of the processor provide unprecedented control and allow for more...
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What is Automatic Flexoplate Mounting

This animation describes what automatic mounting is and how flexo printers can benefit from AV Flexologic’s patented (semi-) automatic mounting...
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GMG OpenColor

Imagine: Knowing the press results before printing. Having characterization runs reduced or even eliminated. Turnaround times reduced dramatically. Introducing GMG...
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GMG ColorServer for Flexo

Create uniform color standards with a GMG color managed workflow for flexo. Explore soft proofing and color matching in a...
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Screen Truepress Jet L350UV

Watch the Screen Truepress Jet L350UV in action.

Truepress Jet L350UV Gives Label Converters Tools to Meet Brand Managers’ Most Demanding Challenges

Brand managers face a new universe of market challenges and changing consumer tastes. With Screen’s Truepress Jet L350UV inkjet label...
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Screen Company Overview

Learn more about Screen with this overview of the company and its products.

Screen Truepress Jet L350UV – Frank Romano

Hear what Frank Romano has to say about the Screen Truepress Jet L350UV.

Xeikon ThermoFlexX 48 Overview

The most versatile flexo imager for the label and flexible packaging markets.

How to Mount flexo plates onto sleeves with an Automatic Mounting Machine

This is high speed mounting of flexo plates onto sleeves using a Semi Automatic Machine (SAMM) from AV Flexologic. Two...
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Flint Group Flexographic Products – Product Portfolio Video

Flint Group is dedicated to bringing colour and function to printing and packaging products. Its Flexographic Products division offers photopolymer...
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AV Flexologic TIR Sleeve Measurement System Overview

The TIR system is designed to measure the ‘3D landscape’ of sleeves. With this information it is possible to have...
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3M™ Splittable Flying Splice Tape 8387 with Cover Tape

How to use cover tape in addition to 3M splittable flying splice tape.

3M Double Coated Tape Splice

Splicing with Double-coated Tape

3M Splittable Flying Splice Tape 8387 Pre separated Roll

How to handle pre-separated tape rolls