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Flint nyloflex® Xpress Thermal Processor

Smart design with an enhanced user interface. The distinctive characteristics of the processor provide unprecedented control and allow for more consistent and stable plate production encompassing “Thermal like you’ve never seen before.”

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The Synergy between Anderson & Vreeland Inc. and Flint Group

Follow the Anderson & Vreeland sales and technical teams as they visit the Flint Group Narrow-Web division and the Flexographic...
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Anderson & Vreeland Inc + Flint Group: A Partnership

Discover how Anderson & Vreeland Inc. and Flint Group complement each other and why their partnership makes sense for customers...
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Live from Labelexpo Americas 2018

Follow Anderson & Vreeland at Labelexpo Americas 2018, booth #929 and discover the products and technologies presented at the show.

Provident Press-Room Solutions Part 2 – Changing Blades with Less Mess

Andy Gillis and Randy Carter of Provident explain the tips and tricks for changing blades with less mess, live on...
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Provident Press-Room Solutions Part 1 – Doctor Blades & End Seals Overview

Andy Gillis and Randy Carter of Provident explain the different types of doctor blades and end seals live on site...
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Flint nyloflex Xpress Thermal Processing System Presentation

Peter J. Fronczkiewicz, North American Product Manager for Flint Group presenting the new Flint Nyloflex xpress Thermal Plate Processing system...
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