Plate Making Materials

Anderson & Vreeland’s range of flexographic plate making materials is among the best in the industry. Combined with our unmatched expertise, our flexo solutions team is equipped to help you maximize the efficiency of your entire press workflow, including plate making.

Digital and Analog Plate Materials

Our workflow solutions can provide for your printing needs every step of the way, no matter your printing process. Our brand portfolio includes AVantage, Toyobo, Nyloflex®, AVCE, Fulflex, and Beartech.

Our plate materials include engravable plates, photopolymer, thermal plates, letterpress, water wash, and solvent wash.

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nyloflex FTC Digital 

Flint Group Corrugated Printing Plates

With a range of hardness properties, the nyloflex® printing plates for corrugated postprint meet the specific needs of printing on...
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Sleeves and Sleeve Storage

Flexopodz® is high-density mobile storage solution created by mounting shelving onto a carriage-and-rail system. Every flexographic printing sleeve is stored...
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