Anderson & Vreeland

Plate Micrometer 

A&V Bench Micrometers

A&V digital plate micrometers are designed to measure flexo plates in thicknesses up to 1.0″/25.4 mm at a resolution up...
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AV Cleaning Products 

A&V Cleaning Solutions and Supplies

Anilox Cleaners AV Anilox Cleaner Premium cleaner be used in FlexoWash anilox cleaners, cut 50/50 with water; cleans UV, UV-LED,...
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A&V Flexo Plate Washer

A&V 110 x 66 Flexo Plate Washer Flexo Printing Plate Washer Extends Plate Life   The Flexo Plate Washer is...
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AV Tabletop Mounter 7800 

A&V Tabletop Mounter 7800

Mount Narrow Web Plates from 8″ to 16″ The Mounter 7800 is a compact, tabletop unit designed to mount narrow...
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Tape Carousel 

A&V Tape Carousel

Organize, store and conveniently access plate mounting tape at your fingertips with an A&V tape carousel. The 6-roll tape carousel...
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AV Xpose 2530 

A&V Xpose Unit

Exposure Unit Exposure unit designed for digital imaging and the thermal market. Available in 2 sizes: 25″x30″ (2530 model) and...
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AV 77 Demounter 

Model 77 Sleeve Demounter

Delaminate Mounted Printing Plates from Sleeves Our model 77 Sleeve Plate Demounter is designed to delaminate mounted printing plates from...
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Orbital X 

Orbital X Processor

Water-Wash Photopolymer Plate Processors Anderson & Vreeland offers a complete selection of water-wash photopolymer plate processors that are good for...
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