Ovit Flexomatic Plate Washer

Ovit Flexomatic

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Benefits of the Ovit Flexomatic Plate Washer:

Ovit Flexomatic

  • Very robust and ecological
  • Suitable for printers who store flexographic plates for further reprints
  • Cleaning of every kind of inks from the whole surface by means of bars sprinkling liquid detergent and two rotating and translational brushes
  • Great time saving and compliance with safety rules for the operator/environment as it automatizes the process of flexographic plates cleaning and drying
  • Recycler for washing liquid
  • Recycler for rinsing water
  • All inner parts are in PVC
  • Independently adjustable feed/brushing speeds through panel
  • Inlet table and outlet receiving basket

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View the video below, starring Jessica Harrell from our Technology Team, and see how the OVIT Flexomatic Plate Washer works: