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GMG Color Management

Digitization has had an immeasurable impact on the print industry, and the color management workflow. Customers and printed product producers know that increased profits are only possible through fewer errors and less waste. The GMG production suite offers total color control for conventional and digital print processing, ensuring accurate color through design, proof, and print processes.

Total Color Management for Print Production

GMG helps to improve productivity in the graphic arts sector, with its innovative range of color management products for digital and conventional printing. With surprises eliminated and productivity increased, everybody involved in the process will benefit. Provide more accurate results to your clients faster than ever with color management.

GMG Color Management Solutions

GMG ColorProof

GMG Color Proof has established itself in many countries as the foremost professional solution for the production of digital contract proofs, acquiring a reputation as the complete proofing solution when quality is paramount. A new simplified user interface, wizards, Adobe® PDF Print Engine technology, and a host of automation tools promote ease-of-use, additional productivity, and lowest total cost of ownership. Printers, prepress businesses, publishing houses, advertising agencies, photographers, print buyers and many others use GMG ColorProof wherever absolutely accurate, reliable and consistent color management is demanded. Shouldn’t your company opt for the authoritative RIP standard in the graphic arts industry?

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GMG DotProof

Color-accurate contone proofs are ideal for many situations, though some applications and customers demand proofs with a halftone dot structure. GMG DotProof addresses this need, producing a genuine, color-accurate, contract quality halftone proof. However, unlike many competitors, GMG uses 1-bit imagesetter RIP data without re-RIPping, supporting true ROOM (RIP Once, Output Many) workflows. This allows 100% accuracy in evaluating interpretation, overprint, and trapping errors or tonal break and moiré effects. Accurate halftone proofs save time and money, increasing productivity.

GMG FlexoProof

Packaging design, prepress and printing applications require proofing solutions supporting a wide range of unique functions. GMG sets new standards in this field with GMG FlexoProof software, specifically tailored to the substrates, spot colors, file formats, workflows, and printing characteristics of flexo, offset, gravure and digital printing processes used in packaging production.

GMG ProofControl

The ultimate easy to use quality control software for proofs, providing documented verification and compliance to all industry and any user-defined standards. It is a key element for standardized workflows, particularly those supporting networked and remote proofing. Verification, labeling and databasing of readings are accomplished in seconds for proofs generated in-house, remotely, or received from customers or other

GMG ColorServer

GMG ColorServer

GMG ColorServer and GMG SmartProfiler achieve perfect color matching, maximum repeatability and outstanding print quality on a wide variety of UV inkjet printers, e.g. from Mimaki and Roland. These printers are optimized for digital proof and mock-up production in the packaging industry, and deliver high resolution on any substrate, such as shrink film or metal foils, tinplate and composite cardboard. The extremely resistant, high-quality UV printing inks used by the printers mean that the same finishing processes can be applied as for the end product.

gmg opencolor

GMG OpenColor

Proofing for the packaging industry – more efficient and accurate than ever before.

GMG OpenColor helps achieve significant optimization of the entire package printing process chain.With proofs that both represent pure spot colors precisely and simulate their complex overprinting behavior, it is now much more simple to prepare and verify print data. Expensive machine downtime due to incorrect printing plates or cylinders is finally a thing of the past.

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Key Functions and Benefits of GMG Color Management 

  • Consistency: A centralized database for the secure management of spot colors ensures that all connected GMG ColorProof systems use the same critical color data.
  • Flexibility: MultiColor profiles can be created from a few patches or with the help of complete MultiColor test charts.
  • User-friendly: An integrated wizard completely automates the creation of MultiColor profiles.
  • Precision: Create and manage your own spot color database for the precise reproduction of specific printing conditions.
  • Profitability: Thanks to the precise simulation of spot colors, lengthy make-readies on the press are avoided, and communication with customers is improved.

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