Flint Group Corrugated Plates

With a range of hardness properties, the nyloflex® printing plates for corrugated postprint meet the specific needs of printing on corrugated board, providing excellent ink transfer on various liners and flutes.

nyloflex® FTC

Corrugated Postprint

The Easy Way to Flat Top Dots and Fluting Reduction

  • Inherently flat top flexo plate with excellent print quality on a variety of corrugated substrate types, from high to low quality liners
  • Superior efficiency and productivity through quick press set-up, resulting in shortened start-up times and reduced waste
  • Reduced complexity in an easy way, with increased reproducibility and consistency

nyloflex® ART

Flexible Packaging | Corrugated Preprint | Corrugated Postprint

Ideal for printing on fibre based packaging

  • For high quality postprint on corrugated board, especially fine flute folding cartons
  • Preprint on kraft, test and uncoated liners
  • High solid density and defi ned line work on all paper substrates; good reproduction of highlight dots
  • Excellent and consistent ink transfer, especially with water based inks

nyloflex® FHC

Corrugated - Postprint

Hard Plate for Standard Applications in Postprint

  • Suitable for a broad range of substrates
  • Very good ink transfer and area coverage
  • Good intermediate depths with best contour definition
  • Robust and durable material for long run life and high print run stability
  • Convenient plate processing

nyloflex® FAC

Corrugated Postprint

Just brilliant – High performance in postprint

  • For use on all types of corrugated substrates – from rough and uneven surfaces to smooth, paper substrates
  • Outstanding with challenging and multi-colour designs
  • Very good ink transfer with excellent area coverage and high solid ink density
  • Perfect adaption to corrugated board surfaces

nyloflex® FCC

Corrugated Postprint

The durable standard in postprint

  • Especially for printing on coarse corrugated fluted board, with uncoated and half-coated papers
  • Ideal for retail packages with simple designs
  • Very good ink transfer with good area coverage and solid density
  • Extremely robust and durable material

nyloflex® FSC

Corrugated Postprint

Soft plate for postprint – unique hardness in the solid segment

  • High print quality due to low plate hardness and digital processing
  • Designed for transit packaging
  • Very good ink transfer, excellent solids coverage, particularly on low-cost liners
  • Cost efficient and reliable, easy handling
  • Long run life and superior durability

nyloflex® FRC

Corrugated - Postprint

User-friendly and chip resistant for deep plate relief requirements

  • Perfect for all corrugated postprint applications
  • Designed for deep relief plates
  • Outstanding ink transfer, excellent solid area coverage, and density
  • Optimized formula for fast exposures and processing
    Ideal for FTD technologies, i.e. nyloflex® NExT to reduce fluting effect on postprint board