Xeikon and Anderson & Vreeland Empower Printers to Do More

The partnership of Anderson & Vreeland and Xeikon goes far beyond being a powerful distribution channel for Xeikon and its dynamic range of products for A&V customers. It encompasses a vision of the future of label and package printing that embraces the value of digital technology—from file input through workflow out to plates to final output, either traditional flexo presses or digital presses—while still supporting the established processes of flexography on which so many printers have based their businesses.

We are known as innovation and solutions providers in the label and packaging industry,” says Jeff Skolnik, Digital Business Analyst at Anderson & Vreeland. “A key part of this is our deep understanding of conventional printing and how newer technologies can be utilized to help our customers be more successful. Xeikon, part of the Flint Group, is a perfect partnership as the solutions under the Flint Group umbrella provide everything from our portfolio from file and color management, proofing, next-generation Digital Imaging, new plate technologies, and Digital Printing, all delivering bottom-line value to a print provider.

Xeikon offers both toner and UV inkjet presses specifically intended for label and packaging, in all the various applications that make up our industry’s reach. More than half of Xeikon’s global business is label and packaging, giving the company a deep understanding required to tailor its presses for the unique needs of packaging printers. This is a cornerstone of the foundation for the alliance of Xeikon and Anderson & Vreeland.


Xeikon’s legacy—going back over a quarter-century—is in toner presses. The CX3 and large-size CX500 presses are designed and built especially for label and packaging applications and have the speed needed to ensure digital presses can handle the demands of busy print shops.

Xeikon CX500

Five more machines in the 3000 series, such as the Xeikon 3500, are also tailored to labels and packaging and available in sheet- or web-based configurations. All have 1200 dpi print quality and use food-safe toners that enable print providers to provide customers with shorter time to market, seasonal or regional packaging options, event-driven packaging, and can enable easier and faster test marketing.

Of course, the right machine is the one that best serves the needs of your market, which is something Anderson & Vreeland can help you with. Still, no matter which Xeikon press you select, all share capabilities that can help generate new revenue streams and higher profit margins. in the food, confectionery, beverages, pharma or health and beauty segments.


Xeikon is also a leader in the ongoing transition to inkjet printing. Its PX2000 and PX3000 inkjet presses use PantherCure UV inks and can be configured as standalone devices or integrated into existing label production environments. PantherCure UV inks provide a glossy, tactile finish that features built-in scuff, scratch, chemical, temperature, and sunlight resistance to help ensure the durability customers expect in industrial, health and beauty, household, and chemical markets.

Xeikon PX3000

And when short-run, industrial labels are required, scalable, Xeikon EFI Jetrion digital label printers offer optimal running costs, wide color gamuts, and direct to substrate UV printing.

Got Fusion?

Xeikon X800 LogoBut labels and packaging are more than just ink or toner on a substrate. Many jobs require embellishments like foiling, spot and tactile varnishes, opaque white, and even digital braille. A job can easily go to a competitor if you can’t provide these capabilities. That’s why Xeikon’s Fusion technology lets you pair a Xeikon toner press with various embellishing techniques on a single platform, with every step managed by Xeikon’s proven and intuitive X-800 workflow.

The X-800 front-end—which can be paired with any Xeikon digital press—can accept various file formats and handle demanding variable-data print jobs at rated engine speeds. Based on open standards, the X-800 enables flexible and fully automated workflows in existing production environments while being scalable to match future needs.


ThermoFlexX 30We know that not all label and packing printers are ready for a digital press. Yet at the same time, we know digital technology is a perfect fit for making plates used on conventional presses. Brand owners are actively seeking out better image quality and often have run lengths far longer than is practical on a digital press. ThermoflexX Digital Imagers can produce plates with resolutions up to 5080 dpi to help ensure image quality for the most demanding jobs, including tags, labels, flexible packaging, folding carton, or corrugated packaging. With systems ranging from 20 to 80 inches, ThermoflexX Digital Imagers are an excellent solution for building a digital workflow.

It is this broad combination of print technologies and solutions that makes our relationship with Flint/Xeikon so important for our customers,” says Jeff Skolnik. “Whether a customer is turning to ThermoflexX as a superior way to make flexo or letterpress plates or needs the best possible digital printing technology, A&V and Flint/Xeikon can provide the solutions and support needed to help ensure success and business growth.