Zero Waste to Landfill

New Recovery Service for nyloflex® Printing Plates in North America.

Anderson and Vreeland, USA has partnered with Flint Group to help printing companies become more environmentally responsible with the disposal of used printing plates in the US. The new Zero Waste to Landfill service is designed to collect, transport, and responsibly handle used nyloflex® printing plates, as well as raw material pieces.

Recovery Service Details

  • Contact your AV Sales Representative to initiate the process. He will coordinate a meeting to review the specifics of the service.
  • Price quotations are available based upon your region of service.
  • Upon agreement to start plate recovery service, cubic yard corrugated containers will be provided. As plate waste is accumulated, raw plates, coversheets, and used printing plates with mounting tape affixed to them may be placed in the containers.
  • Care must be taken to load waste as densely as possible into the containers to maintain low cost efficiency. It is estimated that one cubic yard container will hold approx. 1,490 ft2 of plate material (about 525 pounds) with a fill efficiency of 40%.
  • A toll free number will be provided to arrange pick-up and replacement of containers. A minimum of two full containers is required for pick-up, and a minimum volume of 12 containers per year is required.
  • Title to waste is transferred to the Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facility (TSDF) upon loading at the customer’s facility.
  •  The customer will receive indemnification at the time of pick-up for issues related to transportation, disposal, and long term liability, as long as the correct paperwork is provided to the TSDF.
  • Flint Group Flexographic Products will provide invoices for this service.

For additional information, please contact you local AV Sales Representative. This program is offered in the US only.