What to Expect at Our Flexo Webinars

Are you looking to learn more about the future of flexo and new technologies now available that improve print quality?

Anderson & Vreeland makes it easy to learn about these technologies and more with our “Converging Technologies Affecting Flexo” webinar series. Learn about extended gamut flexo, digital printing and integrated digital front ends from the convenience of your office or home.

These webinars are designed to give you insight into the latest technologies affecting flexo and how they can improve your operation. You can log on to your computer, sit back and absorb the information presented at each seminar or you can take advantage of the webinar’s interactivity by asking questions.

Our webinar hosts are industry professionals that will help you decide if technologies like extended gamut flexo are right for you. Or maybe you have adopted extended gamut flexo and have specific questions you want addressed.

I attended the computer-to-plate technologies seminar on March 11th and it was a great way to get updates on what equipment is in the flexo market and an overview of their features, noted Greg Wishon, Prepress Manager, International Paper, Indianapolis Preprint. The question and answer session also brought up many good things to discuss after the presentation. Overall, I was very impressed with the direction A&V has taken to inform their customers of what is viable in the market, and hope to see more of these in the future, added Greg.

If you are to establish just one expectation when you attend one of our webinars, expect that you will learn something new or gain a better understanding of the topic.

With having a hectic schedule, the webinar allowed me to participate in Anderson & Vreeland’s seminar without taking extended time out of my day and out of the office, said Steve Dane, Managing Partner – Sales, at Switch Graphics. The webinar was professionally done, with a lot of valuable information discussed. I’m looking forward to the next one. Well Done.

So, whether you are new to attending webinars or a veteran that uses webinars for advanced education, count on learning more about flexo and how your operation can benefit.

Our next webinar on “extended gamut flexo” is Wednesday, June 10th at 2:00 P.M. EST. This webinar will present the many benefits of extended gamut flexo, including delivering unlimited digital (process) colors, shorter lead times, improved print consistency, and higher profit margins. We hope you join us for this unique opportunity to learn more about this technology and its affect on flexo.

A&V webinar attendees will also receive a white paper on the seminar subject.