Success for Anderson and Vreeland at Label Expo 2012: A Recap

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Label Expo 2012 has come and gone, however, Anderson & Vreeland will be feeling the effects of the event for weeks to come. This years expo saw a 12% or higher increase in attendance and brought in over 14,000 attendee’s.  Thanks to the company’s introduction of innovative materials and products at this years show Anderson & Vreeland saw record numbers at their booth and also expect to see record sales. The success of A&V was not only evident through the numbers it was also seen through feedback at the show.

Anderson & Vreeland’s booth saw record attendance this year, with steady activity all 3 days of the expo.  Attendance at the company’s booth, the level of activity, quotes generated and purchase orders received were significantly higher than previous years.  A&V anticipates the sales of equipment and materials to be greater than the previous show record. This year was the best attendance and sales they have ever seen, Darin Lyon, Vice President and General Manager at AV says: “I just walked away very gratified, it was a wow factor to see our technical team always busy and to see our sales people always with customers, we brought an army, we had 20 people and a big booth.” Anderson & Vreeland saw a lot of their partner companies succeeded in their booths as well; they also felt the effects of higher attendance for previous year.

Live from the Expo floor

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Everyone involved felt pride walking away from the show by the amount of feedback that was received in addition to the great numbers Anderson & Vreeland will see. The number of customer compliments at the booth on the booth layout, products, and marketing efforts were overwhelming . The positive feedback at the show was almost overwhelming, Darin says: “As we left we felt very prideful in the way the booth looked and in the feedback we got from our customers and our partners, we don’t judge it by how we think it looks, we judge it by the audience’s feedback to us. That’s the most positive feedback an audience has given us period.”

DigiFlex-FlexoJetA&V credits the majority of their success to the fact that they are at the leading edge of the competition and offer a lot of exclusive products, new technology is a big driver for Anderson & Vreeland.  This is an exciting time for Anderson and Vreeland, with the new Digiflex FlexoJet being one of the lager factors. Darin states: “These are exciting times at A&V with innovative materials and products like the new FlexoJet”. Digiflex was a big hit in the booth with the product display being 2-3 people deep at any given time. There were a number of factors that works together to draw people into the booth but Darin credits the majority of it to: “New products and technologies drew people into our booth, to learn ways of improving flexo print quality while reducing costs.”

Some of the products helping to make this possible in addition to the FlexoJet, were 3M with their virtual representative “Gabe” they had placed in the booth. He was a big hit at the show attracting customers to learn about 3M products and even posing with him for photos. Demonstrations and videos on Stork laser engravers, Esko digital plate imagers, Lüscher CTP systems for photoengraving, and AVflecologic’s FAMM HS served to inform and educate show attendees about new and efficient solutions to flexographic printing.

cdi_spark_2420_unitTwo devices that brought a lot of interest for Anderson and Vreeland at Label Expo 2012. The first, was the Esko CDI Spark 2420 bundle – a small format digital imager with internal RIP and curve building software to make it easy to move from analog to digital. This device uses ablation technology to remove the carbon-mask from a digital plate to produce a plate that is ready for main exposure and processing. The second, film-replacement device on display was the DigiFlex FlexoJet 1725. This machine uses inkjet technology to print the black negative onto analog plate material. The secret to this technology is a primer coating that gets applied to the material prior to printing – when this speciality-formulated primer and DigiFlex ink mix, they gel instantly creating a clean, crisp negative on the surface of almost any analog plate material.

In our prepress corner, we had GMG showing their new, soon-to-be-released, software called OpenColor. This software is the first of its kind – allowing overprints of spot colors to be accurately simulated and managed, and determining color information by just a few small patches. There has been so much interest in this software already before its release, and we expect this to be one of the most talked about products in 2013. Also on display from GMG was the ColorProof suite of software for accurate color managed proofing shown though output on the Epson 7900.

There was also much interest in the Roland LEC 330 roll & sheet feed prototyping ink-jet printer. The device can print CMYK white & gloss, and can die-cut on the machine. Many of the attendees found interest in having a fully UV cured prototype sample to be able to use between design concept and final printed product.

Jessica Harkins, the Technologies Manager at Anderson and Vreeland says she was: “Glad we were able to work with our valued partners and display some of our best products for the label market to share with our customers and future prospects.”

Anderson and Vreeland would like to thank everyone that joined us at Label Expo 2012. We are glad that you are enjoying our innovative technologies, which we will continue to introduce over the next two years, we can’t wait for Label Expo 2014. We hope to see you there!