Revving up for Labelexpo

Label Expo 2016

Label Expo 2016The leading source of energy and enthusiasm for the entire printing industry lands in September at the Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois from September 13-15. Labelexpo, the global epicenter of label and package printing, is a fusion of technology, imagination and innovation, and presents an invaluable opportunity for label and packaging pros to see, touch and experience new technologies while networking with peers from across the North America.

One of the must-see locations is Anderson & Vreeland, in Booth 929. A leading distributor of flexographic and digital printing technology for labels and packaging, A&V focuses on supplying converters with the most innovative materials and technological solutions available. A&V will be highlighting key technologies at Labelexpo backed by a team of technical experts who are thoroughly knowledgeable about the fine points of flexo and digital imaging.

Two centerpieces at the front of the booth are the Screen Truepress L350UV inkjet label press and the Xeikon ThermoflexX 30 platemaker. Together, these machines showcase state-of-the-art imaging digital imaging technology. Each is joined at the show by related equipment and software that show the scope of Anderson & Vreeland’s support for label and packaging converters.

Screen L350UV

Special HellesOn the left hand side at the front of the booth is the Screen Truepress L350UV press which lets label converters use UV inkjet technology to print short and medium length runs quickly and cost effectively on a full range of standard label substrates. Running at speeds up to 164 fpm, it is an ideal companion to a modern flexo press and can be configured with workflow and color management software to provide a complete end to end solution for label production on a digital press. The power of the press and software solutions from Hybrid Software and GMG Color will be in action at Labelexpo as the Truepress produces beer labels designed specifically for a local brewery, and which will be wrapped around the bottles on site. For all the details, you can read the case study here and get your own copy at the show.


A screenshot of a label in Hybrid Software’s PackZ

Behind Screen’s L350 UV you’ll find the software that optimize capabilities of the inkjet press, especially with regard to workflow and color:

  • Hybrid Software will be showing its PACKZ and PRINTPLANNER tools that automate and streamline workflows while handling the pass-off for further production.
  • GMG Color will have an expert on hand to explain the advantages of its OpenColor technology, along with the advantages of its RIP-agnostic workflow tools.
  • CGS ORIS will be showing color management solutions ORIS Color Tuner Web and ORIS Press Matcher Web as well as how sophisticated optional applications can form a suite of software tools that set worldwide standards in terms of color precision and repeatability.
  • MeasureColor is built to help press operators improve press up-time while reducing make-ready time and waste. Designed for flexo and gravure, offset, and digital, MeasureColor will demonstrate its color management tools for print and packaging professionals.

Xeikon ThermoFlexX 30On the right hand side of the booth will be the Xeikon ThermoflexX 30 plate making system. Packed full of operator friendly features and controls and the ThermoflexX 30 is just one member of a line of platemakers that combine technology and an open and modular digital-workflow to accelerate the platemaking process. ThermoFlexX enables customers to consistently produce high-quality digital flexographic and letterpress plates at resolutions of up to 5080 DPI, raising quality level of output to the newest industry standards.

Ovit Flexomatic Plate Washer

If you reuse plates you know that cleanliness is critical, so be sure to take a look at the Ovit Flexomatic Plate Washer, a robust washing system for converters and printers who store flexo plates for later use. The Ovit can clean every kind of ink from plate surfaces, recycle water and washing liquids, and automates both plate cleaning and drying.

Ovit Flexomatic

Orbital X Water Wash System

Compact, easy to use, and good for the environment, Orbital X multi-function plate processors are self-contained systems designed to produce tap water-washed photopolymer printing plates direct from negatives. Plate size capabilities range from 12″ x 12″ to 25″ x 30″.

Orbital X


Every converter is well aware of the needs to control the effluent associated with water washout. The AV Whirl-A-Way uses centrifugal force to separate suspended polymer solids from water flexo washout solutions. The solids are collected in a disposable plastic bag while the clean washout solution is re-circulated back into the system for reuse.

SAMM 800

One way to beef up your workflow is with a semi-automatic mounting system like the AV Flexologic SAMM 800. The system takes over crucial plate positioning to speed up your workflow and help ensure consistently accurate plate mounting for both cylinders and sleeves.

SAMM 800

For label and packaging printers and converters, Labelexpo — and the Anderson & Vreeland booth — are one-stop shopping for the majority of your flexo and digital printing needs. Don’t miss this important show in Rosemont, IL, September 13-15. Be sure to come to Booth 929 to learn how Anderson & Vreeland can provide the equipment, software and technology support that can help your business grow. And read how to take advantage of section 179 to help you invest in the equipment you need to grow your business!