AV Flexologic TIR Sleeve Measurement System

AV Flexologic TIR Sleeve

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The TIR system is designed to measure the ‘3D landscape’ of sleeves. With this information it is possible to have a good insight on the condition of sleeves and it helps to build up a record with exact sleeve conditions of each sleeve in stock. It also helps to create a good inventory of sleeves which are fit for use.

AV FlexologicDetect high and low spots,: A spectrum view with different colors on how the depth or diameter off the sleeve is at each position and it numerically a minimum and maximum value off the diameter of the sleeve. It can also give a view on out of roundness of the sleeve. We see the ability to check each sleeve of the exact condition as being essential for very high speed production with minimum pressure settings on the press.

AV Flexologic TIR Sleeve

Various sleeve suppliers indicate that the average sleeve lifetime is between 2-3 years. Do you know how old every single sleeve is you are using? Sleeve quality directly influences the print quality. Managing all pre-press variables saves considerable costs in the print process. The condition of your sleeves is definitely one those variables.

AV Flexologic TIRWith the TIR the quality of the sleeve can be measured, analyzed and subsequently be placed in the press with the right pre-settings. It stores all the unique data of every sleeve in order to keep track of any irregularities.

To eliminate any inaccuracies in this rail the laser will measure its distance to the format axis from left to right and store that ‘calibration’ data. (Patented).

Data measured from the sleeve will be corrected with this ‘calibration’ data.

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