ThermoFlexX Surface Screening

ThermoFlexX Surface Screening

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Over recent years great progress has been made in the print quality achieved with the flexo process. However, common challenges still remain. For printing of fine highlight tones, particularly in ‘fade to zero’ vignettes, ThermoFlexX Hybrid Screening is a great solution. Furthermore when printing solids; density, smoothness and sharpness can often be inferior to other technologies.
The new ThermoflexX Surface Screening reaches a print quality to directly rival both offset and gravure, but at the lower production costs of flexography.

The new ThermoflexX surface screening is roughening the plate surface with a very thin high frequency pattern.
Plates imaged on the ThermoFlexX with this technology achieve superior print quality:

  • a solid density enhancement up to +0.6
  • smooth solids without pinholing or mottling
  • sharp line-work avoiding halo’s
  • higher readability of barcodes – lower defect rate This technology allows you to combine nice solids with qualitative halftones and images.

This pattern is applied by Xeikon’s own developed software tool. A high frequency pattern is applied as a second screening to 1-bit TIFF files using our special software application. Any 1-bit TIFF file of 5080dpi resolution from any RIP or workflow can be treated. Hot folder operation makes surface screening an easy background task. Simply drop the TIFFs into an input folder and the screened files are instantly ready to image with a ThermoFlexX system.

Improving Print Quality with ThermoflexX Surface Screens

ThermoFlexX Surface ScreeningThermoFlexX Surface Screens work in combination with ‘Flat Top Dot’ technologies such as Flint NExT, MacDer- mid Lux and Dupont DigiFlow. It can also be used independently of these if plates are influenced only minimally by oxygenation at the main exposure stage (‘minimum dot-loss’). Water washable plates are often an example of this.

ThermoFlexX Surface Screening

The surface screening software is ‘stand-alone’ but can function in the background of any workflow.
A wide range of patterns can be applied. You can choose universal patterns or develop your own solutions easily for a unique combination of plates, anilox rolls and the substrate to be printed.
2540dpi files can also be used where the program functions also as an automatic ‘resolution doubler’. This unique feature allows your standard jobs to benefit from high resolution surface screening.
The results of our surface screens are truly amazing, particularly when printing with solvent based inks.

Test Plate Program

ThermoFlexX Surface ScreeningThe ThermoflexX team have developed special ‘Standard Test Plates’ to demonstrate and test
both surface screening technologies.
See the proof of our superior imaging quality! On your request we can quickly send a plate to optimise each screen for your configuration. Send us your print results and we will analyse free-of-charge.


  • Flexo price, gravure quality
  • Highest standard barcodes
  • Easy set up
  • Combine smooth strong solids and fine images on one plate Less print colors = less costs
  • 2540 or 5080 dpi 1bit TIFF from any RIP or Workflow
  • Stand alone or integrate (background function)
  • Highest performing surface screen technology
  • 2540 dpi resolution doubler

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