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Introducing the Direct Laser Exposure System (DLX 713) from SPGPrints that images and exposes LAM metal-backed plates in a single operation.

SPGPrints’ direct laser exposure system provides optimum imaging quality and unmatched productivity Plus the system is incredibly intuitive to operate and very simple to maintain. Added benefits include reduced errors, faster turn-around, and more environmentally friendly plate production.

SPG Prints Direct Laser Exposer DLX-713

The DLX 713 is easy to operate and can image and expose four plates approximately 6.9” x 15” in ten minutes with 2540 dpi resolution.

The DLX 713 Direct Laser Exposer is a unique computer-to-plate (CTP) device designed for processing laser ablation masked (LAM) metal backed plates. The system allows the imaging and exposing of the mask-plate in one succession. The system is designed exclusively for the dry offset industry. The DLX 713 fits well in every environment; trade shop, graphic centre or production facility (of cans / cups / tubes) due to easy maintenance and operation. The system is an optimal replacement for the conventional (film) process.

Producing plates with the DLX 713 is an easy, straight forward process:

  1. Select the required decorator-configuration (automatically plate size, plate thickness, distortion, etc. is known to the system)
  2. Open the file and select the colours you want to image (automatically the selected colours you want to image will fall into place)
  3. Select the settings you want to use (based on the combination of the result of steps 1 and 2, the operator only has to confirm the linecount and screen angle)
  4. Mount the plates and push start (in one succession the designs will be engraved into the mask as well as the plates will be exposed)

Installation and maintenance:

The system is designed as a simple and straight forward output device. With this in mind, the DLX 713 is developed in such way that the customer is able to install it. The system will tell the operator when and what maintenance it needs. This makes that, even in busy environments, maintenance cannot be forgotten.

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Technical Data DLX 713

  • Laser
  • Multibeam for black mask
  • Resolution
  • adjustable up to 4000 dpi (variable)
  • Raster
  • adjustable “on the fly”
  • Exposure
  • Cylinder width
  • On-the-fly UV-A
  • 900 mm (approx. 35½”)
  • Cylinder circumference
  • 790 mm (approx.. 31”)
  • Productivity (at 2540 dpi)
  • 4 plates of 175 x 380 mm (approx.. 6.9 x 15”) in ca. 10 minutes
  • Supported data formats
  • *.tif, *.pdf, *.lyr, *.bmp, *.LEN and others
  • Ambient conditions
  • temperature 16 – 25 °C (preferred 20°C)
  • relative air humidity 20 – 60 %
  • (non-condensing)
  • Dimension
  • LxWxH: 1530 x 820 x 540 mm
  • Total weight
  • approx. 230 kg
  • Standard Power supply
  • 1-phase 240V, 50Hz (3 %); for other factory power requirements, a transformer and/or stabilizer can be supplied as needed