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Ideal for Installations with Congested Aisles and/or High Density Floor Storage

lift-n-glide-gallery6The Lift-N-Glide™ is a marriage between two systems – the MovoMech® Rail System and the Lift-O-Flex® Ergonomic Lifter w/ End-effectors. This marriage offers diverse load handling characteristics for mid-weight and heavy-weight load capacities. The Lift-N-Glide™ has a lift capacity of up to 500-lbs. and offers RonI expanded flexibility in equipment selection to better fill your ergonomic lifting requirements.

The Lift-N-Glide™ uses many lifter components along with existing rail technology. This allows for inter-changeability between systems, permitting the customer to satisfy ergonomic load handling requirements. Additionally, this allows for the ability to adapt the lifter to meet the challenge of tomorrow’s needs today without incurring the cost of complete replacement.

Features and Benefits:

  • Anodized Aluminum Profiles
    • Intermediate Sections-Standard and custom lengths
    • Lift Masts
    • Rail Sections
  • Steel (Powder Coated Paint-Optional SS)
    • Handlebar
    • Power Pack Cover
  • Bolted connections
  • Standard and custom length lift masts
  • Lift mast slip clutch on the down movement provides for safe load handling
  • Current limiting (no limit switches) provide for load limiting and stops
  • Totally enclosed lift mast w/ball screw for smooth up and down DC powered movement
  • Electronic power pack can be provided with either standard or heavy-duty batteries
    • Power packs are also exchangeable allowing for multi-shift operation
    • Optional AC/DC Converter
  • 360° Swivel for load handling access
  • Ceiling Hung or Free Standing
  • Clear Floors
  • Detachable remote controller
    • Provides the operator with control over load handling functions.
  • Handlebar is adjustable by the operators to achieve ergonomic operation


  • Lift Stroke: 54″, 73.75″, 93.25″
  • Lift Speed: 4″/Sec
  • Lift Capacity: Up to 500-lbs
  • Power Requirements: 24V/DC
  • AC/DC Converter Or Charger: 110V/AC
  • MovoMech® Rail: Manual
  • Powered Options: Electrical or Pneumatic
  • Rotator: 360° With or Without Brake

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