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Large-Format Inkjet Printers

With Roland large-format printers, you can easily create digital proofs, including contone and halftone proofs for packaging, brochures and annual reports. For even the most complex packaging, label and collateral prototypes, choose the DPI-award winning VersaUV LEC series featuring CMYK, white and clear inks and contour cutting in one device. VersaUV makes it easy to create a variety of textures and tactile effects in both gloss and matte finishes. An expansive color gamut, outstanding flexibility, and support for virtually any media option bring your design concepts to life.

Roland metallic inkjet printer/cutters print and contour cut designs for packaging comps and proofs of virtually any shape. White ink enables printing on clear media commonly used in packaging, and metallic silver ink can be printed as a spot color or combined with CMYK to create hundreds of shimmering metallic colors.

VersaUV LEC-330 UV Inkjet Printer/Cutter

Perfect for Short Run Label Production, One-off Packaging Prototypes, Pre-press and Proofing

Roland UVThe LEC series streamlines the production process by automatically contour cutting printed graphics. By eliminating the need to reload and reposition graphics, the LEC integrated cutter saves valuable time and effort. The LEC can contour cut through the top layer of lined media or create a perforated cut on non-lined media (like card stock for packaging prototypes). By switching out the cutting tool, the LEC can also crease your media for easy, accurate folding of packaging prototypes.

Roland VersaUV LEC-330 UV Inkjet Printer/Cutter Specifications

  • Acceptable media width of 7.2″ to 30″
  • Maximum printing/cutting width of 29″
  • 5 colors + clear coat in 3 configurations
    ( CMYK+Gloss+White, CMYK+White+White or CMYK+Gloss+Gloss)
  • Printing resolutions of 360×720 dpi, 720×720 dpi, 720×1440 dpi, 1440×1440 dpi
  • Cutting speed of 0.4″ to 23.6″/s
    ( 0.4″ to 11.8″/s in media feed direction )
  • Dimensions: 86.6 [W] x 32.3 [D] x 49.6 [H]
  • Weight: 390.2 lb. with stand
  • Includes: Stand, power cord, blade (ZEC-U5022), blade holder (XD-CH2), media clamps, replacement blade for sheet cutter, cleaning kit, Roland VersaWorks software RIP, User’s manual, etc.

VersaUV LEC-540 UV Inkjet Printer/Cutter

Imagine Everything You Need for Prototypes, Proofs and Short-Run Label Printing… All in One Package

The Roland VersaUV LEC-540 UV Inkjet Printer/Cutter is able to accept media up to 53″wide the LEC-540 allows you to do large-scale prints. Produce highly customized window graphics, wall wraps, trade show displays and interior décor items.

Ideal for creating packaging proofs and prototypes, the integrated crease tool allows you to crease cardboard for easy folding of packaging prototypes. You can also perforate the contours of your designs for easy removal of excess media. For optimum results, built-in front and back tables support flawless feeding of thicker materials. Artistic print mode delivers 1440 x 1440 dpi resolution for uncompromising image quality.

A very capable pre-press and proofing device, the LEC-540 can save commercial printers the many costs associated with press downtime. With the ability to print directly to many offset, rotogravure and flexo stocks and the ability to simulate UV varnish and embossing, the LEC generates very realistic proofs at a fraction of the cost and time.

The Intelligent Ink Circulation System circulates the white and clear inks every eight hours to prevent the settling of pigments in the lines. In addition, this system controls the discharge of white ink and minimizes waste by monitoring the white ink usage and the types of jobs that are printed.
Roland VersaUV LEC-540 UV Inkjet Printer/Cutter Specifications

  • Acceptable media width of 10.2″ to 54″
  • Maximum printing/cutting width of 53″
  • 5 colors + clear coat in 3 configurations
    ( CMYK+Gloss+White, CMYK+White+White or CMYK+Gloss+Gloss)
  • Printing resolutions of 360×720 dpi, 720×1080 dpi, 720×1440 dpi, 1440×1440 dpi
  • Cutting speed of 0.4″ to 23.6″/s
    ( 0.4″ to 11.8″/s in media feed direction )
  • Dimensions: 15.2[W]x44.1[D]x49.6[H]
  • Weight: 496 lb. with stand
  • Includes: Stand, power cord, blade (ZEC-U5022), blade holder (XD-CH2), additional blade (ZEC-U3050), crease tool (XD-CT), media clamps, replacement blade for sheet cutter, cleaning kit, Roland VersaWorks software RIP, User’s manual, etc.

UV Printers and Printers/Cutters

The following VersaUV technology offers users direct-printing capabilities onto a virtually limitless choice of three-dimensional media. In addition to supplying technology for product customization, Roland DG offers a range of large format UV flatbed and print/cut devices. These are machines for customizing and creating unique graphics products.

VersaUV LEF-200

Benchtop UV Flatbed Printer

The LEF-200 offers countless product customization possibilities, including printing directly on three-dimensional objects up to 3.94” thick. Featuring a host of unique ink options and optional on-board Primer, it quickly and effectively prints onto a wide variety of promotional products and media substrates.

LEF 200

Produce Stunning Results

Print graphics with incredible detail and color on a virtually unlimited range of promotional products.

  • Produce stunning graphics with CMYK, White and Gloss ECO-UV® inks
  • Gloss ink provides spot gloss or matte finishes as well as stylish embossed effects
  • White ink acts a brilliant spot color, or to ensure bright color quality on dark or clear surfaces
  • Optional Primer increases efficiency by streamlining the print process on materials like acrylic and plastic.

Distinguishing Features

The following features make the LEF-200 the most versatile flatbed printer in its class:

  • Includes new VersaWorks Dual RIP software for easy processing of files, including transparencies and quick setup of White ink, Gloss ink, and other ink layers.
  • Advanced UV-LED curing system expedites production
  • An intuitive distance print mode with a height tolerance of 2mm ensures outstanding consistency on irregular and curved objects
  • Up to 40 job presets allows the recall of specific media settings for your most popular applications
  • Height sensor bar made with non-magnetic material, for printing on magnetic items such as iPad covers
  • Optional RotaPrint attachment enables users to print onto cylindrical objects

VersaUV LEF-12i

Benchtop UV Flatbed Printer

The VersaUV LEF-12i offers countless product customization and substrate possibilities, including printing directly on three-dimensional objects up to 3.94” thick.


Versatile, Flexible, Brilliant

With the magic of LEF-12i flatbed UV printing, you can print graphics and add stylish finishes to standard substrates as well as unique promotional items.

  • Gloss ink option enables spot gloss or matte finishes, as well as highly unique embossed effects
  • Print on three-dimensional objects with ECO-UV inks that image brilliantly and stretch around complex corners and curves
  • Perfect for pens, smart phone covers, personalized awards, giftware and so much more
  • Add White ink as a spot color or as a flood behind CMYK on dark backgrounds and clear materials

A Cool Machine for Customizing Hundreds of items

Using state-of-the-art UV-LED lamps, the LEF-12i is a low-heat, cool-running machine that combines with vibrant ECO-UV inks to print on the following materials:
PVC and Plastics, Leather and Fabric, Canvas, Metal, Glass, Wood.

VersaUV® LEJ-640

Hybrid UV-LED Flatbed Printer

LEJ640The LEJ-640 represents the height of print innovation by offering both flatbed and roll-fed printing in a single device. Printing CMYK, White and Clear Coat inks on virtually any substrate up to a half-inch thick, the LEJ is capable of producing a massive range of large-format graphics.

A flatbed and a roll-fed printer.

Print on rolls of paper and film and then simply attach the rear and front folding tables in minutes to enable printing on full-sheets of rigid media like Coroplast®, Gatorfoam® and other display substrates.

Explore new substrates, products and markets.

The LEJ-640 hybrid UV LED flatbed printer opens your business up to new possibilities in custom products and displays. Create everything from packaging prototypes and POP’s to wide-format signage, décor, exhibits, custom printed upholstery, window displays and more.

Advanced UV inks with clear coat effects.

Produce graphics with high-density color and a wide color gamut with Eco-UV inks in CMYK, White and Clear. Both ECO-UV and ECO-UV S formulations produce prints that do not need degassing and stretch up to 220 percent around edges, corners and curved surfaces. Clear Coat ink creates spectacular textures and finishing effects on displays, prototypes and other high-end applications.

The proof is in the print.

The LEJ-640 hybrid UV LED flatbed printer is compatible with leading proofing software for those requiring detailed proofing. These include Fiery XF RIP, EFI Color Proof XF, GMG Color Proof, Color Tuner and CGS ORIS FlexoProof/Dot Proof. For precise color management, Roland offers X-Rite’s i1Basic Pro 2 for calibrating your monitor to display accurate digital color.

Eco-Solvent Printers and Printers/Cutters

Roland eco-solvent printers and printer/cutters represent the most reliable and versatile collection of large-format inkjets on the market today. Built for people who demand higher standards in speed, quality and machine capabilities, they empower businesses with productivity and profitability that latex and other printers just can’t provide.

Roland VersaCamm

The VersaCAMM VSi series of large-format inkjet printers/cutters offers everything you need to produce just about any job imaginable. Exceptional print quality featuring the latest print head technology and high-performance Eco-Sol MAX® 2 inks. White, Metallic, and Light Black ink options. Integrated contour-cutting for a streamlined production process. And a host of user-friendly design features to boost efficiency. It all adds up to the device more professionals choose to build their business on.


Unlimited Possibilities

Available in 64-inch, 54-inch or 30-inch models, VSi Series large-format inkjet printers/cutters produce vibrant graphics across a wide range of applications, including signs, banners, vehicle graphics and wraps, fine art posters, packaging prototypes, labels, decals, POP displays and apparel heat transfers.


The Advantage of Integrated Print/Cut

VersaCAMM VSi Series inkjets streamline the production process by automatically contour cutting printed graphics as soon as they finish printing. By eliminating the need to reload and reposition graphics, VSi integrated cutters save valuable time and effort, creating a tremendous competitive advantage.

Roland’s Quadralign system automatically realigns the cutting path and compensates for skew and distortion when removing prints to laminate then reload for cutting.

Advanced Eight-Channel Print Head Technology

VersaCammThe VSi Series features an advanced eight-channel Piezo inkjet print head containing 180 nozzles per channel in a gold-plated housing, specially engineered to ensure reliable, outstanding quality. With Roland Intelligent Pass Control technology and seven different droplet sizes available, the VSi Series achieves remarkably smooth gradations and richer density for photographic and high-resolution vector output at resolutions of up to 1440×720 and print speeds of up to 289 sqft/hr.

Superior Print Results with Eco-Sol MAX® 2 Inks

Award-winning Eco-Sol MAX 2 eco-solvent inks produces rich, vibrant color and low operating costs that latex inks simply can’t match. They dry quickly and provide unmatched long-term outdoor durability, scratch and chemical resistance, broad uncoated media support and a wide color gamut.

Ink Options Offer Maximum Potential

Eco-Sol MAX 2 ink available in CMYKLcLm plus specialty inks maximizes your imaging possibilities with the VSi Series. Add value and sophistication to any graphic, and expand your potential for greater profits.

Specialty inks include:
Light Black – Provides better reproduction of gray color gradients and more natural skin tones.
Metallic Silver – This silver ink can be printed as a spot color or combined with CMYK to produce over 500 striking metallic and pearlescent colors.
High-Density White – Allows for greater opacity on clear or dark substrates

VSi printer/cutters can be configured in any of the following combinations:


Automated Ink Circulation System

VersaCammVSi Series inkjets come standard with Roland’s automated Ink Circulation System to prevent the pigments in metallic silver and white inks from settling. Designed to reduce waste of white and metallic silver ink, the circulation system dramatically lowers running costs while ensuring exceptional image quality throughout the longest production runs.

Front-Loading Ink Cartridge Loading System

VersaCammThe VSi series’ easy-to-access front-loading ink cartridge system increases convenience and ease of use. Inks are packaged in convenient 440 ml cartridges (White and Silver available in 220 ml cartridges only).

Advanced Media Handling

VersaCammEach VSi Series model features an advanced media handling system. The VS-640i allows users to feed rolls up to 88 pounds, while the VS-540i and VS-300i can handle rolls of up to 66 pounds and 55 pounds, respectively. Media flanges and seven pinch rollers providing accurate feeding and tracking throughout the longest production runs. Print head height is adjustable to accommodate variable media thicknesses.

To facilitate precision unattended printing, an optional TU2 take-up system is available and includes a convenient front-mounted take-up roller and an advanced tension-controlled take-up unit for optimum media feed and tracking.

Integrated Two-Stage Heating System and Optional Benes Dryer

VersaCammEvery VSi model features a built-in, two-stage integrated heater system designed to dry prints quickly, even in high speed modes, for immediate finishing, installation or collection by the take-up system. This advanced system delivers the proper amount of heat for each application and stores individual settings right in the printer.

To ensure the highest image quality when printing white and metallic silver inks, Roland also offers the Benes dryer system as an option.

Wiper System Protects Print Head

A patent-pending wiper system is included to decrease wear and tear on the print head and prolong its life by reducing ink buildup. The VSi Series includes a combination of standard wipers and additional side wipers that reduce the maintenance issues caused by ink reservoirs and dust, resulting in fewer manual cleanings.