nyloprint® WS and WS Digital

nyloprint ws digital

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nyloprint WSWater washable, steel based letterpress printing plates for brilliant print quality

Product features

  • Wide range of applications
    • Ideal for laminated tubes, cups and cans printing, continous business forms, security printing, label
      printing, female die for blind embossing
    • Suitable for rotary letterpress, imprinting units and special-purpose printing presses
  • Highest print quality
    • High print contrast with an exceptional tonal range
    • Brilliant halftone gradations due to very fine halftone dots (< 20 micron)
    • Smooth vignettes
    • High resolution – up to 10 160 dpi
    • Excellent solid density due to brilliant ink transfer
    • Very good durability for long print runs
    • Reliably reusable for repeat orders
  • Efficient, reliable and fast plate processing
    • Wide exposure latitude combined with high intermediate depths
    • Highly productive and cost saving due to plate processing within 25-35 min
    • Reduced down times on press due to fast replacement of damaged plates
    • Environment-friendly plate processing with tap water
  • Excellent mounting properties of nyloprint® WS-T
    • nyloprint® WS-T and nyloprint® WS-T Digital with excellent adaptation to different cylinders diameters due to very high flexibility of the thin steel base

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Product Specifications

nyloprint WS specifications

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