nyloprint® ST

nyloprint ST

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nyloprint STAlcohol washable gravure plate for the highest print quality and the best durability

Product features

  • Wide range of applications
    • For high quality pad printing, can be also used with closed cup inking systems because of its durability
    • For security printing as intaglio master plate
    • For sheetfed gravure printing
  • Highest print quality and long durability
    • High resolution – up to 10.160 dpi
    • Very good durability for long print runs due to optimized relief formulation
    • Screen ruling up to 380 lpi (150 L/cm)
    • Excellent solid density due to brilliant ink transfer
    • Reliably and reusable for repeat orders
    • Also suitable for pad printing jobs with > 20.000 impressions
  • Efficient, consistant and fast plate processing
    • Wide exposure latitude
    • Highly productive and cost effective due to plate processing within 40 – 50 min

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Product Specifications

nyloprint ST Specifications

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