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Custom Job Ticketing and Automation

Facelift provides a very flexible tool for entering, tracking, and interacting with your production data. Facelift can leverage your existing information systems to provide real-time information to everyone in your organization using a simple web browser (or tablet) interface. Ideal for cross-department job ticketing, tracking and high-level reporting, Facelift can be extended with modules for job costing, estimating, campaign management, and reporting, with tremendous flexibility in presenting your data.
But why is Facelift so important?  Because of market pressures in all industry segments, the order life cycle is growing shorter.  Businesses need to produce more and more jobs, in smaller quantities, with the same people and equipment.  This requires a tool like Facelift to orchestrate and link together the different production systems including MIS, accounting, shipping, online web ordering, customer proofing and approval, file management, and prepress production.  Since every production environment is different, Facelift provides an open and flexible environment that supports the real processes used to control an order from the first proposal to the product delivery – the complete Order Lifecycle!