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Flexoclean is the most professional developer and producer of unique cleaning products.
A full-service provider specialising in the packaging industry!

FlexocleanFLEXOCLEAN ENGINEERING B.V. has developed a specially formulated system for safe cleaning of water-based inks and coatings. With over 2000 customers throughout the world, FLEXOCLEAN is setting the cleaning standard. With conventional cleaning techniques, build-up of deposits occur quickly and you lose ink density.

The FLEXOCLEAN system is designed to reduce build-up and make removal easier. Daily preventative maintenance is the key to consistent, high quality printing. Systems are available for Water-based, Solvent, and UV inks.

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Using The Flexoclean System Ensures That:

  • The volume of the cells in the anilox roll remain optimal
  • Ink transfer does not deteriorate
  • Premature replacement of the anilox roll does not occur

Key Benefits Include:

  • Less press downtime
  • Optimal ink volume and density yields a predictable result
  • Faster color matching with standard ink formulations
  • Color consistency from run to run

Guaranteed Results!

All FLEXOCLEAN products are environmentally safe and contain no VOC’s

Which one of the following best fits your needs?

  • I would like to clean water-based inks
  • I would like to clean solvent-based inks
  • I would like to clean UV inks
  • I want to deep clean off press
  • I would like to clean UV inks
  • I would like to clean on press automatically

About Flexo Clean

FlexocleanFlexoclean is the market leader in professional cleaning for the flexography industry. All over the world, we do what we are good at: cleaning, in the broadest sense of the word. Flexoclean devises complete process improvement plans to suit the customer. Our strength lies in offering total solutions. Flexoclean will keep your anilox rolls clean so you will generate a better return. That is a promise.

You do not become market leader just like that. Years of experience at the heart of the flexography industry have provided Flexoclean with the necessary expertise. This is one of the reasons why we not only develop but also make our own products. A full range of cleaners tailored to the graphic industry is the fruit of our labour. But things do not stop there.

How will I benefit from working with Flexoclean?

Flexoclean knows that the industry demands specialist solutions. We maintain good relations with people on the shop floor and with ink producers. So, we know first hand what the needs are. We literally relieve you of your worries. Wherever in the world. This way, we are the silent, innovative force in the background, while you can concentrate on your end product.

This will give you a more stable production process. We guarantee a high-quality, economical product. That is why we are the market leader. We are at the forefront partly by continuously improving our products. This is one of the innovative strengths of Flexoclean. As a full-service supplier, we can cater for your every need: from cleaning concept to process improvement. You only need to remember one name: Flexoclean.