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Still using slow and expensive legacy systems for your packaging proofing needs? Then ORIS is your answer. Huge savings in consumables costs, and no dedicated operator required. Finally the wait for aordable packaging proofs is over. The ORIS Flex Pack // Web system is the ideal solution for packaging customers – from design agency to converter. Just like its proofing cousin, ORIS Color Tuner // Web, ORIS Flex Pack // Web provides you with the maximum flexibility for mock-ups and pre-press proofing. With the patented ORIS 4D color management process at its core, ORIS Flex Pack // Web gives you the very best in color accuracy – and in the shortest possible time!

Like the world’s leading digital proofing system ORIS Color Tuner // Web, the ORIS Flex Pack // Web software provides uniquely web-based hard copy and soft proofing in one package. At the heart of the application is our patented four dimensional iterative color management software which, combined with a specially designed custom interface for Roland VersaCAMM VS series printers, gives you the ultimate in production flexibility for halftone and continuous tone proofing. All printer features, such as multi-pass and print-and-cut, are supported and the included Pantone® color libraries enable proofing or special colors, with the possibility of defining custom colors. Furthermore, the ORIS Flex Pack // Web software offers integrated soft proofing, proof certification and halftone support. Optionally available is a connection to the Esko® Color Engine spot color database.

Key Features

  • Cost effective solution
  • Easy to use without requiring a dedicated operator
  • Signicantly larger printed color space
  • Accurate Pantone® and Spot Color reproduction
  • Full support of all Pantone® metallic libraries
  • Iterative special color optimization
  • High ink density simulates flexo printing
  • Advanced contour and perforation cutting controls
  • White and silver inks can be printed separately or with multiple passes
  • Flexible naming capability in white and silver channels

Extended Color Gamut Thanks To Newly Developed XG Inks

Unlike the standard inks, XG Inks have been specifically formulated for proofing applications. The light inks (Lc, Lm) from Roland have been replaced with Orange and Green, and the CMYK set has been completely redefined. As a result, the printable color space is significantly larger, so that almost all Pantone® colors can be reproduced accurately – a prerequisite for high-quality package proofing.

ORIS Media Transferfilm

The ORIS Media Transferfilm is a break-through when it comes to producing packaging mock-ups or proofs on original stock. It is an open-pored synthetic mesh, which can be thermal-transferred at low temperatures on almost any original media, using a standard laminator. Being only a few microns thick, it is color-neutral and almost invisible. Printing stock, which can be mechanically printed by the printer, can be laminated first and then printed on. Alternatively, the transfer lm, which features a removable backing paper, can be printed on first and then transferred. This method is particularly suitable for thin flexible films, aluminum or corrugated board.

ORIS Eco SolventTM Family – Specialty Proofing Media

  • Silver Film, 120 μm (E-SSF012/24/30)
  • Aluminum Foil, 180 μm (E-SAF018/24/30)
  • Clear Film, 75 μm (E-SCF0075/24/50)
  • Adhesive Clear Film, 100 μm (E-SUCP010/24/20)
  • Shrink Clear Film, 85 μm (E-SUCP0085/30/20)
  • White Adhesive Vinyl, 100 μm (E-SWV010/30/40)
  • Glossy Paper, 235g/m2
  • Semi-Matte Paper, 235g/m2
  • Transfer Film, Glossy (E-STFG050/24/30), Matte (E-STFM050/24/30)
  • III90 (E-STF030G/24/30)
  • (E-SMPG235/30/45)
  • (E-SMPSM235/30/45)

Roland Eco-Solvent Printers

The revolutionary eco-solvent printers available from Roland work harmoniously with XG Inks to provide the complete solution for your brand colors. In addition to a white and metallic ink, it features Orange and Green*, with the specially developed XG Inks. This allows the production of contract quality proofs and prototypes on substrates similar to the original stock, used in flexible packaging. The printers also include a “Print & Cut” function to produce adhesive labels and decals – fully supported by the software application.

To ensure uniform drying time and prevent substrates sticking together on the VersaCAMM Series, especially when printing small repeats for immediate cutting – an optional Benes add-on dryer system is recommended.

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