avSTAR Synergy Print Solution


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avSTAR Synergy Print Solution is a system greater than the sum of its components. We begin with a state-of-the-art film printer and marry it with the fastest RIP in the industry. The avSTAR RIP is supplied on an imaging computer with everything pre-loaded and ready to go.

We then provide the highest-quality films and specially developed ink for superior resolution and density. avSTAR Synergy Print Solution was designed and is supported by Anderson & Vreeland, with almost 50 years experience serving the flexo industry.

avSTAR Ink

avSTAR Ink is a dye-based ink specifically developed for the production of high-density film negatives and positives. avSTAR Ink provides a broad range of media support. Hybrid Ink Jet Systems HD (high dmax) ink technology provides greater overall density for richer blacks, delivering the best results for flexographic and screen film halftone output.

  • 350ml cartridges available for all printers

Note: For negative printing only the avSTAR Black is used. The other cartridges are required for cleaning purposes only.

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