AV Flexologic SAMM 800

SAMM 800

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AV Flexologic SAMM 800The Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine (SAMM) belongs to the top range of AV Flexologic’s mounting equipment. This SAMM is especially made for Narrow Web and is available as a SAMM 800 and SAMM 1100. The SAMM combines conventional with automatic mounting, therefor you get best of both worlds.

The automatic mounting system of the SAMM acts upon the crucial part of mounting, the positioning of the plate. The positioning is done by the machine instead of the operator, this results in high quality and consistent mounting. This patented machine is unique in the flexographic printing market. The SAMM is available for cylinder and / or sleeves.

Workflow Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine

The patented SAMM is equipped with an intelligent system that automatically monitors and controls the positioning of flexo plates. The system is based on two co-ordinates (register-marks) applied on the photopolymer printing plate perpendicular to the print direction. Due to the iteration between the cameras and the self-moving mounting table the plates will be positioned extremely accurate.

After the positioning the vertically moving cylinder elevates automatically. Subsequently the operator lowers the pressure roller and rotates the cylinder using the foot pedal. The automatic positioning of the plates together with the mounting by the operator results in consistent high quality and constant repeatability.

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