AV Flexologic SAMM Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine

AV Flexologic SAMM

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The AV Flexologic SAMM, Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine, is the MOM DD+ Pro but with FAMM technology. The SAMM automatically positions the plate by using image recognition. The camera images are analyzed with vision software to measure the positions of the mounting marks. The position of the plate can be manipulated until 10 micron with the robotic back table. The results are fast and with a high repeated accuracy of the complete job with best control over the process.

AV Flexologic SAMM


  • Automatic positioning of camera’s
  • Automatic positioning of sleeve rotation
  • Automatic plate fixation with taped sleeve
  • Easy sleeve changing
  • High magnification, spotlight, laser indicators
  • Proof by means of photos of mounting marks
  • Tape roll holder parallel with sleeve
  • Job storage
  • Pneumatic mounting roller
  • Digital calibration system
  • Digital zoom function
  • Automatic line up possible
  • Automatic plate positioning

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