AV Flexologic Flat SAMM

SAMM PostPrint

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Semi-Automatic Mounting Machine

High-tech revolution in Postprint Mounting

SAMM PostPrintThis state-of-the-art machine is the top in the range of AV Flexologic mounting machines for mounting corrugated printing plates onto mylars. Short job runs, quick changeover times and high quality is achieved, while at the same time the Flat SAMM mounts fast, consistently, and accurately.

Ease of use

The operation of the SAMM is very simple. The operator selects a (repeat) job from the computer or creates a new job. It is also possible to connect the Flat SAMM to the DTP department and optimize the digital workflow. Once the mounting coordinates have been loaded in the computer, the job can start:

  • The operator pre-positions the plates for one printing job on the pickup area and places the mylar on the mounting table.
  • The robot transports the plates (with tape at the backside) from the pickup area to the mounting table, where 2 automatic cameras recognize the mounting marks.
  • The SAMM uses AV Flexologic’s patented image recognition software to measure the position of the mounting marks real-time during the automated positioning of the plate. This highly increases automation and accuracy over mounting and prevents human failures.
  • After each robot movement the coordinates of the mounting marks are measured and corrected accordingly until these coordinates are within the user-specified mounting tolerance.
  • A pressure roller mounts the printing plates without air inclusions onto the mylar.
  • After having finished mounting, the cameras return to their original position and a digital proof is made of the mounting marks.
  • The digital quality report is automatically generated and demonstrates the mounting results. These reports are stored with the job in the computer.

All plates are mounted onto the mylar automatically without operater interference. There is no need for manual handling. While the SAMM is taking care of the mounting job, the operator can even attend to other tasks.

Many plates are mounted in a very short period of time. Payback is quick and often less than one year.


  • Minimum plate size: 200 x 200 mm
  • Any microdot or cross mark can be recognized
  • 90 seconds per plate
  • Flat application without bubbles and creases
  • High accuracy and repeatability

Download the AV Flexologic Post Print Mounting Machines Literature Download the PDF