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Flint Group nyloflex® Platesnyloflex ® plates provide excellent print quality in solids, line and halftone for all flexographic print applications and are available in a wide range of formulas and thicknesses. We invite you to sample any of these plates by contacting
Anderson & Vreeland.

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nyloflex® ACE

For great results in flexo halftone printing, an ultra-hard printing plate is needed. With the hardness setting of 62 – 64° Shore A*, the ACE brilliantly meets all challenges with regard to top print quality. It offers excellent ink transfer with solvent-based and water-based printing inks, and has high ozone resistance and good stability, even in very long production runs. The range of applications for ACE is universal: flexible packaging of film/foil and paper, beverage packaging, labels and pre-printing for corrugated board. This plate is also available as a digital version.

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nyloflex® AFC

The alternative to digital plates. nyloflex® AFC is optimized for exposing with films which have been specially calibrated during exposure. AFC delivers the finest halftones – similar to digital processing and very good relief depths due to wide exposure latitude. Conventional printing plate for flexographic applications like flexible packaging, label printing and corrugated preprint. Other applications and parameters correspond with nyloflex® ACE processing.

nyloflex® FAB

The resistant plate – especially for UV-inks, for high quality printing of labels, flexible packaging and folding cartons. Benefits include high flexibility, therefore perfect for small diameter printing cylinders. Excellent exposure latitude even with small relief depths and wide tonal range for the reproduction of finest image elements.

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nyloflex® FAC

nyloflex® FAC printing plate copes with all requirements – starting from print on rough and uneven substrates to pressure-sensitive and soft paper substrates. Features include very good ink transfer with excellent area coverage and high solid density, outstanding performance with challenging and multi-colour designs, and perfect adaption to corrugated board surfaces.

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nyloflex® FAH

The nyloflex® FAH has a hardness setting of 60° Shore A* and is considered a hard printing plate. Its main application is flexible packaging and label printing where maximum print quality is required. It is also well suited in thin-plate technology on compressible supports as well as in printing with UV printing inks where extremely high resistances are required. This plate is also available as a digital version.

nyloflex® ACT

Excellence in combination printing. Ideal for printing designs that combine halftones and solids in one plate. High solid density and minimum dot gain in halftones, plus wide exposure latitude and good relief depths. Suitable for all absorbent and non-absorbent commonly used substrates. Appropriate for the use with water and solvent-based inks, conditionally suitable for UV inks.

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nyloflex® FAR

Of all the nyloflex® printing plate types, the FAR is the one that is most versatile in application. With its hardness setting (49 – 52° Shore A*), it is matched to high-quality multi-color halftone flexo printing and suited for all kinds of printing substrates used in the flexible packaging field. In the event of a high level of ozone concentration, the nyloflex® FAR offers sufficient protection from cracking.

nyloflex® ART

A new plate with a broad range of applications. Being a comparatively soft plate with 40 – 42° Shore A*, the ART is brilliant in printing solid areas in mixed forms, on all uncoated and slightly coated paper grades. Other applications include thin-plate technology in corrugated board printing as well as corrugated board pre-printing where highest demands need to be met in halftone printing on high-quality liners. This plate is also available as a digital version.

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nyloflex® FHC

The hard flexo plate for standard applications in postprint. Suitable for a broad range of substrates with excellent ink transfer and area coverage, good intermediate depths with sharp edges, robust and durable material for long lifetime and high print run stability, convenient plate processing with short exposure times, reduced cleaning cycles. Conventional printing plate for corrugated postprint.

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nyloflex® FCC

The durable standard in postprint, especially for printing on coarse corrugated fluted board, with uncoated and half-coated papers. Ideal for retail packages with simple designs. Very good ink transfer with excellent area coverage and high solid density. Extremely robust and durable material

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nyloflex® FRC

Extremely durable and chip resistant plate for corrugated postprint

  • Perfect for all corrugated print applications
  • Extremely robust and durable material – highly resistant to chipping
  • Optimized formula for fast exposures and processing
  • Outstanding ink transfer, excellent solid area coverage and density yet minimal dot gain on all substrates
  • Perfectly compatible with flat top dot exposure technologies to reduce fluting effect
  • Superior mounting properties due to excellent backing adhesion

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nyloflex® FSC

Soft flexo plate for postprint – unique hardness in solid. Features include high print quality due to low plate hardness & digital processing; excellent area coverage, particularly on low cost liners; very good ink transfer; cost efficient & reliable; long lifetime and superior durability; easy and convenient handling. Conventional and digital printing plate for corrugated postprint. nyloflex® FSC Digital offers further advantages due to digital processing.

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nyloflex® FE

Specialist in white preprinting – developed for solid area printing. Features include high resistance against ester, ketones and alcohols, allows the application of solvent based 2-component inks for white preprinting; long run-life with the use of UV-inks; high production run stability with good area coverage; no register problems with rubber plates. Conventional printing plate for special applications in flexographic printing.