Adheso-Graphics Tapes

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Adheso-Graphics plate mounting “stickyback” tapes have been used by flexo printers for over 35 years. Established in 1967, Adheso was among the first to pioneer Double Coated Mounting tapes and are known for brands including FlexStik® FlexSoft® and FS products. Current markets serviced include Corrugated Flexographic Printers, Wide Web Flexible Packaging, Narrow Web Flexible Packaging, Offset Printing Blanket and Rotary Letterpress printing.

FLEXSOFT Cushion Mount Tapes

FlexSoft brand double-sided foam tapes are medium-density polyethylene and have a strong, durable film lamination that allows for lay-flat, easy-to-mount application. Each cushion adhesive system is engineered for reliable through-press performance each and every time, reducing plate creep or high mark occurrence. AGI FlexSoft tapes are engineered for use with the many cylinder types, plate types and solvents typically encountered in the printing process.

FlexSoft brand UR foam tape is a high-performance, medium-to-high density elastomeric cushion mount tape developed for use with polymer printing plates of all thickness ranges or types. UR cushions feature a durable, long life in press foam construction. EZ mount adhesion system provides prepress operations with a simple-to-mount, solvent-resistant tape. Designed for secure hold down and clean release, UR tapes also allow the printer to achieve maximum ink coverage on solid or reverse type areas, while minimizing the occurrence of dot gain on screens in combination-type printing.

FLEXSTIK Hard Vinyl Stickyback Tapes

FlexStik brand hard vinyl mounting tapes are long proven, industry standard mounting products for both rubber and photopolymer printing plates. These tapes feature a high-adhesion, soft-rubber adhesive system coated on a hard vinyl carrier. Ideal in harsh printing environments where temperature or long run durability are required. Hard tapes are ideal for use in printing solid or fine line graphics. FlexStik tapes provide for maximum ink coverage in block solid replication. Best suited for printing poly type films or simple graphic reproduction.

FLEXSTIK Rotary Letterpress Plate Mounting Tapes

Double-sided, highly stable PVC tapes engineered using a tough, durable UPVC film coated with a rubber adhesive system. Allows for mounting thin photopolymer plates on small cylinders associated with long-run, high-quality graphics printing. RLT tapes firmly lock polymer plates onto letterpress cylinders for the duration of the print run, and remove cleanly to save plates for future use. Manufactured in a variety of thicknesses for proper undercut tape selection in this process. Liner choices are also varied to ensure simple, bubble-free application to letterpress cylinders.


Ideal for mounting corrugated printing plates onto various thicknesses; 0.010” to .030” PVC or polyester substrates. Plates are typically flat mounted to these AGI double-coated tapes. Upon application, the liner is removed and the plate is ready for attachment to PVC mounting materials, which carry thick polymer printing plates into a flexo-corrugated printing station. AGI thin tapes are also suitable for use in plate build-up or in press-low spot correction. These products are available with a variety of thickness and liner types for customer application. The adhesive types are typically rubber or acrylic, depending on the level of adhesion required in the final application.

FLEXSTIK Cloth Tapes

FS-45 Double Coated cloth tape with a poly-coated lay-flat paper liner. Coated with a secure bond natural rubber adhesive specifically engineered for mounting rubber or photopolymer type plates. Flextape FS-45 is highly resistant to plate lift where longer printing speeds are present.