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Glue & Doctor Rolls from Apex International

AccoraEasy on starch, high on quality. Accurate glue sets that deliver just the right amount of glue – job after job. Built tough for longer roll life; built smart to help save on glue costs. Robust materials, outside-the-box design & engineering, and precision manufacturing all merge in Accora glue sets for unmatched performance.


    • Stainless Steel Glue Rolls with Precision Engraving

Standard & new, including finer line screens

    • AST Stainless Steel Fusion Manufacturing Process

Not simply built-up

    • Ceramic Doctor Rolls

Proprietary super-hard, black mirror finish ceramic

    • Tightest T.I.R. & O.D.

Tolerances ensure the closest consistent gap possible

Actively Eliminates:

  • Corrosion & Chrome Flaking
  • Score Lines
  • Warp, Curl & Washboarding
  • High Starch Consumption
  • Uneven Glue Transfer
  • Improper Bonding

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>> Download Accura Glue Set Technical Specifications