Cleaning Products


Airgun Ionizer

The model 5800 airgun ionizer is an easy-to-use shockless AC ionized air gun. It eliminates costlypositive and negative static electricity...
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AV Flexo Plate Washer

AV 110 x 66 Flexo Plate Washer Flexo Printing Plate Washer Extends Plate Life   The Flexo Plate Washer is...
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Eaglewood Technologies 

Eaglewood Technologies Anilox Cleaning

Anilox Roll Cleaning Why Clean Anilox Rolls? Anilox rolls are critical to efficient, quality printing so it is important to...
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Flexoclean Anilox Cleaning

Flexoclean is the most professional developer and producer of unique cleaning products.A full-service provider specialising in the packaging industry! FLEXOCLEAN...
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Ovit Flexomatic 

Ovit Flexomatic Plate Washer

Benefits of the Ovit Flexomatic Plate Washer: Very robust and ecological Suitable for printers who store flexographic plates for further reprints...
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