Oki Special

OKI Pro Color, Pro 510 DW High Definition Color Printers.

OKI_color_printer Pro 510 DW

Fast, customized continuous web printing with
exceptional color quality for short runs.


More and more of your customers are asking for jobs you wouldn’t handle on your high-speed web press—short-run quantities with variable data and variable forms. What you need is an asset that can give you a big advantage on small jobs.

What makes OKI different?

OKI Data Americas, which markets its products under the OKI® Printing Solutions brand, including the OKI proColor™ Series, has appointed Anderson & Vreeland, Inc. as one of its distributor in the United States effective immediately. Darin Lyon, Vice President and General Manager of A&V, noted, The OKI proColor™ Series represents a strategic fit in our flexographic space and will complement our extensive portfolio of the industry’s finest equipment.  The addition of OKI Printing Solutions HD technology continues with our tradition of bringing innovation and best-in-class solutions to our customers to improve their ability to grow new business through horizontal and vertical channels.

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