Howard Vreeland Sr. Virtual Campus

Investing In The Future Of Flexography and The Students That Will Shape Our Industry

The 2010 FTA Annual Forum marked the introduction and launching of the Howard Vreeland Sr. Virtual Campus.

The campus, made possible through a generous investment by Anderson & Vreeland, Inc., is designed solely for educators to access FTA’s TEST (Technical Education Services Team) authored courses.

The Vreeland family has a long standing dedication to philanthropic efforts that supoprt education based projects.

Over the past few years Anderson & Vreeland have worked diligently in the development of the TEST Virtual Campus as well as other education based endeavors such as The Howard B. and Alice T. Vreeland Scholarship Fund.

Today this campus provides countless industry professionals with ongoing professional development opportunities via the Internet. While this has proved an invaluable delivery mechanism for the industry as a whole, the new campus will address the needs specific to the world of academia.

If you would like to learn more about TEST or Anderson & Vreeland, pelase visit our website.