High Definition Flexo





EskoArtwork’s High Definition Flexo and Epson Stylus® Pro printers combine to set the new quality standard for flexo printing. HD Flexo utilizes high resolution optics and superior screening to deliver the full tonal range of offset and gravure.

HD Flexo allows printing of smooth vignettes… print to zero:

  • The combination of EskoArtwork screening and imaging technologies results in a most stabile dot structure on the plate.

HD Flexo offers highest brilliance in printing

  • The High Definition extends the grey scale and eliminates uncontrolled dot bridging

HD Flexo increases the press uptime

  • The clearer and rounder dot definition leads to less cleaning intervals, less dot breakouts
  • HD Flexo plates have been proven to print more consistently in long print runs

HD Flexo works with standard Anilox system

  • High line counts (175 lpi – 220 lpi) with standard Anilox system. Unique dot structure is preventing small dot dipping into Anilox cells ‘ no change or investment for the printer.

HD Flexo allows conversion of print process without any file changes

  • HD Flexo eliminates correction and retouching of CT images
  • HD Flexo includes a standardized process to print offset repro in flexo without retouching/correction
  • HD Flexo can be used to cut/simplify repro time and work
  • Work can easily be switched between offset-flexo lines or between gravure-flexo to optimize costs.