Great Packaging Starts
With a Great Workflow

How A&V Brings Together Hybrid Software, GMG Color
and Screen USA to Produce the Perfect Digital Workflow

For Church Street Brewing Company, as for many of the micro- or craft brewing companies, the label is a critical part of branding and marketing and a deciding factor for beer shoppers deciding which new beer to try or when seeking out a favored brew.

Labels must be memorable and work across separate beer styles or flavors, and colors have to be consistent and accurately rendered on bottles, cartons, and cases, even when print runs are short and have demanding color requirements. Short runs of a mix of labels may amount to only a few hundred bottles at a time, but at the retail end every bottle must be clearly branded.

Church Street Brewing Company looked to digital printing as an economical way to produce short runs of its labels while ensuring that colors and designs were of the highest quality and that the printing would stand up to the rigors of retail shelves and consumers’ refrigerators and coolers.

They chose the Screen Truepress L350 UV inkjet press for its speed, range of substrates, and image quality and durability, and backed it up with a solid native PDF workflow using PACKZ and PRINTPLANNER from Hybrid Software, and state-of-the-art color management from GMG Color.

The Workflow in Action

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Click to download our brochure and technical white paper detailing the entire process. And don’t forget to schedule a meeting with one of our Technical Sale Representatives at Label Expo 2016 and get your very own sample of Church Street’s Special Hell and its label—fresh off of a Screen Truepress 350 UV.

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