Webinar: Computer-to-Plate Technologies

Date: Wednesday, March 11th 2015

Today, more then ever, we have best of class technologies influencing Computer-to-Plate production. This webinar, the first of a four-part series, will shed light on the new technologies from Xeikon ThermoFlexX, Screen FX, and SPGprints LEX.

This informative webinar will address key questions like…

  • Why CTP? Why now?
  • Can I afford not to invest at this point in the game?
  • How does CTP impact the purchasing decision of a digital press?

We will expand on enhanced Image Resolution beyond 4000dpi and what makes 4800dpi and 5080dpi that much better? How do CTP devices create faster times to press utilizing affordable automation in the process. What is happening in the industry to achieve color matches from digital plates generated by CTP to mimic that of digital presses?

Lastly, we’ll debunk the myths of modular workflows surrounding CTP. Specifically, how are the manufacturers improving efficiencies both before and after prepress to maximize profits with CTP.

Make sure you also register for other A&V webinars that will address questions like… Expanded Gamut best practices, Driving profits and quality through Digital Printing, and rounding out the series addressing Digital Front Ends and connecting workflows.

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