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Anderson & Vreeland is a privately-held company with over 50 years experience providing unrivaled customer service to the flexographic printing industry.

Anderson & Vreeland provides flexographic printers with innovative solutions that are tailored to their specific application.

We identify the most effective & advanced technologies in our portfolio, educating our customers on how these products will improve their bottom line, and seemelessly integrate these solutions into our clients’ business.


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Flexo Daily

Creating a New Machine

When you go into flexo shops across Canada you hear a lot about day-to-day processes and procedures that may work well but still have an appetite for a shop’s productive time. Then you find a customer who has had enough and is looking for a solution. That’s what happened when...
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Recovering Wasted Time

It began modestly, with boxes. Then, very quickly, Shippers Supply founder Ron Brown recognized that people buying boxes also needed tape, hand trucks to move them, shelving to store them,...
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