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Flexo Synergy Solutions

Anderson & Vreeland knew their clients needed a solutions-based flexo partner. So they launched Flexo Synergy.


Background: Flexo Growth

The flexo industry has been around for a long time, but until recently not much had changed. The same technologies were used, the same methods, and the same mindset. But now that flexo is the fastest growing printing process, technologies are constantly being released on the market that make flexo easier and higher quality—but also mean some serious headaches for flexo decision makers.

Problem: A Disconnect

Anderson & Vreeland is known for being a major provider of equipment and supplies to the flexo industry, including 3M, Esko, and Stork, not to mention their own AV products.

But they discovered a disconnect between the 4 key areas of flexo: equipment, materials, training and technologies. Flexo technologies have grown exponentially in recent years, leaving end-users with the responsibility of keeping up on new products and developments. A time-consuming job itself, made more difficult without guidance as to how to integrate new products into an existing workflow. And then there’s the training that must take place for new equipment to be used to its best advantage.

And the world of flexo has changed, too. Clients are no longer satisfied with a old-fashioned sales pitch. What they want instead is communication and support—a discussion that considers where their business is now, and where they want to be in the future.

Flexo Equipment

Solution: Flexo Synergy

Recognizing that AV had the capabilities to address the flexo industry’s needs with a 360 degree view, they’ve introduced Flexo Synergy, solutions for every facet of flexo. Flexo Synergy was created with a view to where flexo is headed. AV has brought communication to a new level when helping their clients deal with the challenges of the flexo industry, and guiding them through the myriad of choices they now face, based on open exchange and dialogue.

Flexo Synergy goes beyond simply providing equipment and materials—the aim is to be a partner in business, a dependable resource who’s there every step of the way. AV makes use of our over 50 years of experience in the flexo industry to help sift through what works, what doesn’t, and the best and most pain-free way to keep companies on track with its goals, based on three tenets:

1. Communication: Where are you now, and where are you going?
2. Solutions: Resolutions that will help your business thrive
3. Integration: Bringing new technologies seamlessly into flexo environments


AV Flexo SynergyAV also recognized they could use new information systems to change how they communicate with the flexo industry, which lead to their popular web video series and the launching of Flexo Daily.

To help AV’s team keep track of their clients’ histories, preferences, and needs, they adopted Salesforce as their customer relationship management program. Now, when an AV representative visits a client, they’re already armed with the information they need to have a constructive conversation—and no time wasted getting up to speed.

Meet The Flexo Synergy Team
Bill Bower, director of sales, identified the need and implemented Flexo Synergy;

Darin Lyon, vice president and general manager, brought Bill Bower on board to help AV bring greater value to the industry;

Jessica Harkins, technologies manager, AV’s expert in technologies integration and training;

Dave Miller, creative director, responsible for messaging and tying all of AV’s communication projects together.

Ready for a Real Business Partner?

If you’re ready to partner with a flexo industry leader that will take the time to listen to the challenges you face, brings unmatched industry expertise, and will take the time to help guide your decisions, Anderson & Vreeland is ready to talk.

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