Sometimes Things Need to Stick. And Other Times They Don’t.

Flexo Plate Removal

Ten thousand feet of a job is already on the unwind roller and there are just 3,000 feet to go before the next roll has to begin running through the press. Deadlines are tight and there’s no room for mistakes. The media is a slippery, low surface energy film and the flying splice coming up and has to be done with perfection. But will it?

Avoiding web break drama

With web breaks costing $500 to $1,000 each, reducing them can quickly add thousands of dollars each year to a converter’s bottom line. Kevin Hooley, Marketing Manager at 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division, says one way to do this is by using 3M’s Splittable Flying Splice Tape 8387. The innovative, 7-mil thick, double-coated film tape separates during splicing into two single sided tapes. To increase the visibility of the splice, the tape is available in dark purple, and splits into pink and gray layers to help identify splice components

Drawing from its experience in paper mills, this tape is the first time 3M has merged its experience with splittable tapes with flexographic technologies. The result is that flexo press operators and print managers can use one tape for even their most challenging surfaces such as polyethylene, polyester and aluminum foil without slowing down the process.

Mr. Hooley will provide more details when speaking at a free Anderson & Vreeland webinar at 1pm EST on Thursday, July 21st. He’ll explain how new 3M adhesive technology provides a stronger and more reliable splitting mechanism, especially on low energy substrates, and how Splittable Flying Splice Tape can help converters avoid web breaks due to less than perfect splices.

Unsticking Stickleback

Mounting tape, known to converters everywhere as “stickyback”, is a consumable that can be easy to think of as a one-size-fits-all item that has little impact on operational efficiency or productivity. But running a pressroom based on that perception can cost time, money, and even result in physical injury.

There are two parts to the process of using a mounting tape. First is selecting the correct tape thickness for the job and accurately mounting the plate. Second, when the job is done the tape should be quickly removed so another plate can be mounted and the next job can be run. But as any converted knows, these steps don’t always go according to plan. Plates can be damaged during removal, and substantial force can be required to get a plate off a roller—enough, in some cases to actually result in injury to a press operator.

One way to address this, as Kevin Hooley will describe during the webinar, is by using 3M’s L-series Cushion-Mount Plus Plate Mounting Tapes. These feature 3M Easy Mount Adhesive that ensures a secure, efficient and repeatable mount. Demounting requires less force, reduces the chance of plate damage, speeds changeover and does not leave an adhesive residue. The L-Series plates eliminate the need for using silicones, waxes or other materials that some converters use to make plate removal easier.

Mr. Hooley will relate the real-world experiences of converters who have been using 3M’s Easy Mount Adhesives and the benefits they are seeing in their operations. “By combining our proven Easy Mount liner with intelligent adhesive technology, flexo printers don’t have to make sacrifices in quality, profits or press speeds. We’re striving to help them make it easier than ever to achieve the results they’re looking for,” said Hooley.

Be sure to schedule an hour of time to learn how to get the best possible flying splices and how mounting tapes can make a practical difference in your business.

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