Introducing our Current Bi-Weekly Featured Product: RonI

RonI Lift-o-Flex

Featuring: RonI, Inc. Products

This is the start of Anderson and Vreeland’s new bi-weekly series of featured products, for the next two weeks we are featuring RonI, Inc. RonI, Inc. provides a wide variety of solutions to meet current and future material handling needs for a variety of industries around the world. They help to create a better and safer work place with their Ergonomic lifters, which we carry here at Anderson and Vreeland, along with a number of other products.

RonI, Inc.’s moto is: Where ERGONOMICS make ECONOMIC sense! Which is proven true with the increased efficiency and productivity provided by their products. Here at Anderson and Vreeland we feature the: Expand-O-Turn and Squeeze-O-Turn, from the LIFT-O-FLEX® line. LIFT-O-FLEX® lifters are a line of material handling equipment that offer huge advantages over stationary or manual systems! LIFT-O-FLEX® lifters are useful for any industry where lifting, moving, handling and manipulation of loads take place.

12107-1 Series Expand-O-Flex

The 12107-1 Series Electric Expand-O-Turnis an electrically operated core expander for paper and film rolls with 3” and 6” cores and allows for manually rotating the roll. The Expand-O-Turn expander is operated via pushbuttons and is simple and easy to use and will not damage the core or the roll surface.

Click here to see the Expand-O-Flex in action


Features/Technical Data:

    • Expand-
      • Depress the “Expand” pushbutton control
      • Expander stops movement based on squeeze pressure preset at the factory
    • Retract
      • Depress the “Retract” pushbutton and the “Inhibit” pushbutton simultaneously
    • Indicator Light
      • Flashes when current limit is reached during “Expand” and “Retract” operations.
        Expander motor shuts off
    • Manual Rotate – Standard
      • Electric Rotate – Optional for heavy rolls
    • Expander Slide Rails to achieve roll balance for ease of rotation
      • 4 Positions available
    • Slide On/Slide Off different expanders for additional product handling flexibility
      • 3” & 6” Standard
      • Additional sizes are available
    • Quick disconnect features for power connection


 12120 Series Squeeze-O-Turn

The Squeeze-O-Turn combines the Lift- O-Turn and Lift-O-Squeeze components to create a product that assists in providing load handling for lifting and rotating rolls, barrels, drums, buckets and boxes. The Squeeze-O-Turn mounts to standard LIFT-O-FLEX Lifters and is powered by the Electronic Power Pack.

Features and Technical Data:

  • Rotation Left or Right
    • Operator controlled via variable speed joystick to assist in pouring and positioning of the product(s). The rotator also provides continuous rotation in either direction.
  • Squeeze
    • Depress the “Squeeze” pushbutton control
    • Squeeze stops movement based on squeeze pressure preset at the factory
  • Release
    • Depress the “Release” pushbutton and the “Inhibit” pushbutton simultaneously
  • Vertical to Horizontal Applications
    • Pick product from pallets, floor, shelving etc, rotate 90, 180 degrees for proper orientation for machine interface


Check out these products and more on the Anderson and Vreeland site, also check out the Expand-O-Flex and many more of our products at the Label Expo stand 929. Stay tune for more featured products!