Jessica Harkins, Anderson Vreeland, Speaks  on “Advancements in Inkjet Film, Gray-Balance and Hybrid Screening.”

Jessica Harkins

During the FPPA 15th Annual Convention held at the Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes March 11-13, 2012 Jessica Harkins, Technologies Manager at Anderson & Vreeland will be delivering one of the speaker sessions. Below is an outline of the session and details for the Convention.

“Advancements in InkJet Film, Gray-Balance, and Hybrid Screening”

Advancements in InkJet Film Technology:
InkJet film continues to be a buzz word in the field, based on the cost of silver halide film, concern for availability, and the limited supply of imagesetter service. Is it more cost effective to add imagesetters to your inventory for parts and back-up? Or is the speed and quality of inkjet film ready to meet the market demands? This presentation will review the current state of inkjet film and the latest improvements that are available that will make you reconsider your film processor.

What is Gray-Balance?
There has been a lot of discussion in recent years regarding methods for calculating the proper gray-balance. Special curve calculators are available to determine necessary cutback curves; readings can be taken via color data and converted to dot gain curves. Is all this necessary and does it work in flexo? Is there an easier way to implement gray-balance into your workflow?

Hybrid Screening & Flat Top Dots – Can the 2 work together?
Specialty screen or flat-top dots… which is better? OR… can the two work hand-in-hand? This study will review some of the latest technologies in both hybrid screening and flat-top platemaking to determine if it is possible to bring the best of both worlds into use on the same plate.


“Understanding the New Dynamic — World Packaging Industry Consolidation — Opportunities and Challenges
March 11-13, 2012
The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes
Orlando, Florida

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