Flexographic Training and Consulting

Anderson & Vreeland’s Technologies Team help their clients keep their flexo skills efficient and up-to-date with Flexographic Training and Consulting.

As competition in the flexo space increases, operators are appreciating the need for regular flexographic training and consulting to keep their staff working at their best and most efficient—and they look to Anderson & Vreeland for the best flexo training. Their customers come to AV for training on color, press-side applications, plate making best practices, and specific device and equipment training.

[quote style=”boxed”]“AV offers training as a value-added service for our customers. We want to ensure that our clients have access to the latest technology and that we are able to effectively implement these solutions into their workflows,” says Jessica Harkins, AV Technologies Manager. [/quote]

How can AV help your team?

Flexographic Training

A&V’s Technologies Manager Jessica Harkin’s give flexo training at their Bryan, OH location.

Your Place or Ours?

Anderson & Vreeland’s Technical Center is located in the company’s Bryan, Ohio, headquarters, outfitted with a variety of equipment, and run by two AV staff who are responsible for research and development and product testing. AV will also bring in members of their technical team, or even suppliers, for very specialized training, if need be.

Harkins says that, in her experience, most companies prefer to do training at their own location. Depending on the product, the training might be in a classroom setting, or a one-on-one with the equipment, but often it’s both—a session will start with an overview presentation in a classroom-style situation and move on to break-out sessions.

Upgrade With New Skills

flexographic trainingAV’s sales team is often the first to let clients know about new products and upgrades. And if a client is purchasing a new piece of equipment, AV’s team will go onsite to providing training specific to that equipment, says Harkins.

But since customers are constantly striving to improvement efficiencies and quality, it’s not uncommon for customers to approach AV for training. One example: Harkins was contacted by a client who wanted to develop their employees’ press room skills, ensure they’re meeting targets and improve troubleshooting.


Customers Drive Demand

Competition and the drive for constant improvement means AV has seen a parallel increase in demand for training. Flexo operators must be able to produce consistent and high-quality work—and predictable outcomes mean happy customers and cost savings. “Some of these customers that previously maybe weren’t reaching for some tight tolerances, now they’re trying to figure out how they can print four-color processes and similar multi-color processes and they need some assistance there,” she says. “They’re trying to grow their own businesses and make their business better.”

What to Expect

If you sign up with AV for training, a member of AV’s Technologies Team will help you arrange and prepare for the training session so that it’ll be the best possible experience for everyone involved. You’ll know what to expect, how the session will be run, and will be able to schedule the right time, and the appropriate amount of time, so that everyone can participate with minimal distractions.

[quote style=”boxed”]“We’re there  to help and communicate and make sure there’s a good dialogue between any of the operators and our team. Everybody’s there to help the customer,” says Harkins.[/quote]

AV’s Training Will Keep You Competitive

AV’s Technical Team was created almost ten years ago to complement the work of the sales team and by providing even more help in a greater variety of areas, particularly when it comes to software and digital developments. AV’s Technologies Team are experts through and through. They bring many years and a diverse range of experience to AV’s training programs. AV’s Team can also give insight into how products can work best for customers.

[quote style=”boxed”]“We can customize any training plan,” says Harkins. “So if there’s something specific the customer is interested in, we can detail an implementation plan on how to get there.” [/quote]

Click the link below for more on Anderson & Vreeland’s training programs, a look at our training page, and contact an AV expert today to set up your next training session.

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You can also head over to Flexo TV for a great selection of training videos.



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