Esko Road Show

esko road show

Esko Road Show “No Limits – No Boundaries”

Esko is hosting a series of FREE Road Shows. The agenda is packed with topics that will help you work faster and better with the Esko software you use every day. You will be given a preview of the enhanced functionality and new solutions that will be rolled out in 2012. The seminars run from 9AM to 4PM. Breakfast and lunch are provided.


  • Let’s seamlessly integrate your workflow
  • Increase profitability on short run Digital Print solutions
  • Why ArtiosCAD is world’s best software for packaging design
  • Packaging – it’s not just a box anymore
  • Work faster & smarter in Digital Finishing
  • Growth & success in the print industry

Roadshow locations


To learn more about Esko, contact your Anderson & Vreeland Representative today!.