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Box Office Graphics

Box Office Graphics

Matt Esson (with Murray) – Graphic Designer

Box Office Graphics is a graphic design company in Barrie, Ontario that provides its customers with prepress services, graphic design services, platemaking services, and more. With over 35 years in the industry, Box Office Graphics continues to build on its success by providing high-quality products and services.

In its many years of business, Box Office Graphics has been using a once very common Agfa film output device to create conventional film negatives for its letterpress platemaking department. Although some items from the 80’s such as Stretch Armstrong, Atari video cartridges, and Cabbage Patch Kids have retained value and could even fetch big dollars today, the Agfa film output device has not. Because the Agfa film output device is no longer in use, it is very difficult to find parts in good condition.

An Efficient & Productive Solution

exile techsetter 2After grappling with its inefficient and stress-inducing Agfa film output device, Box Office Graphics knew it had to upgrade its equipment if it wanted to continuously improve upon its high-quality print capability. To get more options on new possible devices, they called Martin Schofield, Technical Sales Representative from Anderson & Vreeland Canada to help.

It did not take long for Schofield to recommend the Exile Techsetter Thermal film output device, a high-quality pre-press solution for small format flexo, promotional products, specialty printing industries, and screen printing. The Exile Techsetter Thermal gives printers an extremely high-quality, wide-format film output solution producing full-size images. The durable framework of this imagesetter provides both consistency and accuracy with each film.

TechsetterOnce the sample films supplied by another AVC Techsetter client, were tested and approved by Box Office Graphics, they were up and running with the new device in less than 30 days. The new TechSetter was able to increase the productivity and efficiency of Box Office Graphics. “It’s always exciting to help our partners grow and embrace new technology. Box Office Graphics now has a sound solution to their film output struggles and is able to shift focus back to other key areas of their business”“, says Schofield.

Continued Partnership With A&V Canada

Box Office Graphics is always looking for ways to maintain an edge over more prominent industry players. Thankfully, with help from Anderson & Vreeland Canada, Box Office Graphics integrated the Exile Techsetter Thermal, which helped boost its print quality, optimize its workflow, and increase its ROI. “Now the density issues are gone, registration between negatives is consistent in addition to the savings from lack of waste, have made this one of our best purchases“, says Michelle from Box Office Graphics.

Box Office Graphics has been a valued partner of Anderson & Vreeland Canada for many years, and we appreciate their continued trust and loyalty in the AVC Team.