Esko Gets Into the App Game with New Releases: 2 Apps for Package Design

Esko Package Design App

Flexo Daily takes a look at Esko’s new apps for Package Design that offers the ability to view design projects in 3D and on the go—and they’re both free.

How can everyone involved in a package design—from the brand owners to the designer to the sales team—keep abreast of project workflow and approvals? Esko is hoping to provide the answer to that problem.

Digital leader Esko recently released two new versions of their apps for iPhone and iPad, Studio Viewer and WebCenter, extensions of their popular software packages aimed at brand owners, package designers and packaging manufacturers. Esko released a new desktop version of WebCenter at the beginning of November that addresses the increasing complexity of package design approval chains, multiple package versions, and regulatory compliance. The current version of the Studio Viewer app was released in October, and contains a couple of bug fixes and a new library view, where you can see all your loaded projects on one screen.

Studio Viewer features:

Esko Package Design App

Studio Viewer for iPhone and iPad lets you get a visual on 3D objects using simple finger swipes to move, zoom in and zoom out of image—a good way to for package designers to inspect mock-ups and clients to view ideation. This app is essentially a viewing capability for the desktop version of Studio Viewer, which is a full 3D rendering program. The purpose is “virtual mock-ups”, a quick and inexpensive method of creating a new design, even if you still want to go the old-fashioned physical mock up route at some point.

Esko does warn that some reflection effects don’t work with this app, so take that into account when you upload and view your designs. File compatibility is Collada format (extensions .zae and .dae).

Take a look at Esko’s Studio Viewer page for more details of the full package, and you can also watch this short video for an overview of the iPhone and iPad capabilities.

WebCenter features:

Esko Package Design AppA more feature-rich app that Studio Viewer, WebCenter for iPhone and iPad also lets users view 3D project images, as well as the ability to view color separations, compare and contrast multiple project versions, and mark-up, add comments and point out corrections. You’ll be able to hook into all the projects already loaded into your WebCenter account, and manage workflow. Useful for working on-the-go, client presentations, and pre-press checks.

The product page for WebCenter gives more detail about the full package, which you’ll have to get, if you don’t already have it, to use this app on your device. And there’s a quick video as well.

Both apps are available on iTunes.


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