11 Must-Have Flexo Resources

Flexo Industry Resources

Flexo Resources You don’t want to Miss.

Books, magazines, and websites. Here’s Flexo Daily’s flexography resources that you need to have on your bookshelf, in your magazine rack, and bookmarked on your web browser.



1. Flexography Principles and Practices 6.0

Flexographic Technical Association

FTA Member $130; Kindle edition: $99

Brought to you by the Flexographic Trade Association, over 600 pages of everything flexo from basic topics like presses, inks, and ink mounting to more advanced techniques, including plate making, design, and web inspection systems.


2. Fundamentals of Packaging Technology

Walter Soroka


Everything you ever wanted to know about packaging, from packing in ancient Rome to current techniques. While this book covers more than flexo, it does include detailed chapters on flexo techniques, paper, cans, bottles, and more, corrugated board, and working with plastics.


3. First 4.0

Flexographic Technical Association

$198; $99 for FTA members

The 4th edition of this book from the FTA is double the size of its predecessor, so you’ll get even more info on print runs, including color management, specialty inks, and print run optimization.


4. Flexography Primer

J. Page Crouch


Written by a professor at Clemson University, this book is the foundational text used by flexo programs. While it’s aimed more at flexo beginners, it provides solid explanations plus charts, graphics, and illustrations to make flexo techniques and practices easy to grasp.




5. FLEXO magazine

cost: $55 North America & Mexico

The official mag of the FTA, FLEXO covers everything that’s going on in the flexo industry with articles on flexo issues, new developments, education, and more. A subscription also comes with a copy of the Annual Sourcebook, which covers the international flexo market.


6. Packaging Digest


Packaging Digest covers everything that can be packaged, and, even better, the subscription is free and issues are available in digital format.




7. Printer’s National Environmental Assistance Centerhttp://www.pneac.org/

A website with comprehensive information on environmental issues and regulations for the printing and flexo industries.


8. Flexography.org

The site for the Flexographic Technical Association, where there’s news on FTA Excellence winners, the next Forum, and more.


9. European Flexographic Industry Association

The website for this UK-based trade organization will help keep you up-to-date with flexo events in Europe, plus the latest news.


10. Flexo Global

Another site full of flexo information and events, this one, as the name suggests, has an international outlook. There’s an exhaustive news feed, articles, and listings of trade shows and training opportunities. If you’re looking at flexo on a global scale, this is a site to bookmark.


11. Flexible Packaging Association

The website for this trade association offers industry information, a comprehensive section on sustainable packaging, and a calendar of industry events, amongst other useful flexo info.


Do you have a flexo resource you rely upon? Let us in know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list.