Complete flexo solutions
for every flexographic printing press

AV Flexologic

Automatic Mounting and Pre-Press Equipment

With 50 years of experience in the flexographic industry, AV Flexologic is the global leader in mounting and pre-press equipment by providing innovative cutting-edge solutions for optimizing the pre-press workflow and eliminating bottlenecks.

AV Flexologic’s coverage has no limitations. AV Flexologic provides worldwide flexo solutions and has a wide-range service & support network. The company’s headquarters are located in the Netherlands and Eastern Europe.

Their passion for innovation evolved the flexographic industry with the introduction of the Semi and Fully Automatic mounting machines in 2005. Since then, AV Flexologic improved the level of automation in every product in the portfolio and continuously innovates to provide ergonomic solutions.

AV Flexologic Portfolio

AV Flexologic Corrugated Portfolio

AV Flexologic has developed high-end mounting machines corrugated plates. The wide-ranging portfolio includes solutions for mounting and proofing plates onto corrugated mylars. The corrugated postprint mounters are advanced with unique features in the industry and guarantee high-quality printing. They produce round and flat corrugated mounters based on your needs.
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AV Flexologic Narrow web flexo

As the narrow-web industry continues to grow, the needs of the flexo label printing companies increase enormously. To tackle the challenging trends in the flexo industry, such as shorter & more frequent job runs, AV Flexologic provides solutions for every kind of customer demands. Therefore, the flexo plate mounting machines for labels vary from Automatic to Standard manual machines.
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AV Flexologic Wide Web Flexo

Our machinery designed for the Wide Web flexo industry ranges between manual, motorized, automatic and fully automatic mounting machines and it supports different widths. We provide complete solutions for every flexographic printer, therefore our portfolio includes supporting equipment such as customized Sleeve Storage Systems, Demounters, Tape Applicators, and Sleeve Measurement Systems. AV Flexologic’s equipment has been created with and for our customers from all over the world.
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